Exhibitor Press Releases

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Geberit will be highlighting the many healthcare benefits of its market-leading shower toilet, Geberit AquaClean 8000plus Care, when it travels to Birmingham’s NEC for The Occupational Therapy Show this November.

     Visitors to the show can learn more about the Geberit AquaClean 8000plus Care, the ultimate solution for independence in the bathroomThe shower toilet combines the convenience of a warm water wash and a warm air-dryer, with an extending spray arm that washes with a gentle, oscillating or pulsating jet of warm water, before gently drying with a flow of warm air.


    Incorporating the very latest technology, the shower toilet is simple to operate by the user or care giver. Hands-free operation is possible via an opto remote, which uses a sensor to detect movement, enabling the user to enjoy privacy while washing. Alternatively, there are controls on the side of the WC and a remote control, with built-in memory function.

     Find out more about the benefits of Geberit AquaClean 8000plus Care on Stand H32 at The Occupation Therapy Show 2016, from 23-24 November at NEC, Birmingham.



    Geberit – 0800 032 9629 www.geberit-aquaclean.co.uk 



  • Brand New LegittLunge

    29 Sep 2016

    LegittLunge is a brand new piece of innovative equipment that positions you correctly, assists and enables correct muscle activation when kneeling down and standing up again—

    no falling over and no stressing the knee or back

    It has side supports to help build up confidence especially after injury!

  • Kingkraft Lifestyle bath

    28 Sep 2016 Dale Spademan


    A customers review of one of our baths. Rita is an independent wheelchair user who was fed up with only being able to shower and not able to have a bath and a good soak!


    23 Sep 2016 Victoria Abbott-Fleming

    For the 1st time Burning Nights will be exhibiting at this year's OT Show and we hope it will be a great event for us to spread awareness of the chronic condition, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

    Burning Nights CRPS Support is a registered charity for CRPS and we are based in High Peak but support anyone affected by CRPS from anywhere around the UK. Exhibiting at The OT Show will be a fantastic opportunity to meet Occupational Therapists from around the UK as well as fellow charities to spread awareness about the condition. Why not come and meet some of the Burning Nights team at The OT Show on Stand H28?! 

  • Expert Witness Work, What's Stopping You?

    22 Sep 2016 Simon Dickinson, Hannah Snowsill

    Do you value high standards?

    Do you appreciate continuous, collaborative and structured professional development?

    Are you frustrated and wish you could achieve more, but also want to maintain your day-to-day clinical role?

    Read more about Jacqueline Webb & Co and Expert work here. Visit our stand I62 and meet our recruitment manager and a few of our Experts to see if Expert work is for you. 

  • BSC-100 Bidet/Shower Chair

    07 Sep 2016 Saul Salman

    PDS Hygiene has launched a new wheeled bidet/shower chair for use with their Bio Bidet electronic bidet toilet seat. The BSC-100 has been specifically designed to provide privacy and dignity to users who are unable to transfer onto the Bio Bidet. The seat and back support are made from Polygiene-coated polyester mesh to prevent cross contamination and to conform with health and hygiene standards. The BSC-100 is supplied with two removable and machine-washable seats. The arm rests and footplates of the BSC-100 can be swung out of the way for side transfers in and out of the chair.

  • Abstract: Innovative new products from Stickman Communications® that can help people of all ages with mental health conditions to communicate about their needs and how they feel.

  • "Pharmacies across North Staffordshire have participated in an innovative pilot project with patients to test PivoTell automatic pill dispensers. The dispensers have been proven to improve participating patients’ quality of life. Additionally, initial results show savings – an average of £2,800 per participant over a 6 month period".

    The PivoTell automatic pill dispenser helps patients who have difficulty remembering to take their medications by sounding an alarm when it is time for the person to take their medications. They then remove their pills from the chamber of the movable carousel that contain the precise pills to be taken at that specific time

  • Mybility Ltd was founded by Chris Christou, who experienced firsthand how a Four X DL wheelchair can radically change a life. Chris is passionate about bringing this incredible range of wheelchairs to others, in the hope of enhancing their life also.


    The Mybility Four X DL All Terrain Wheelchair range can comfortably handle, grass, mud, steep slopes, cobbles, steps, sand, snow as well as indoor environments. From sitting, laying down to standing, the range can be adapted by Mybility to meet your needs.


    Unique to Mybility, the DL range can be modified to suit children from age 6 years with a in-house designed seating system, which can be altered by our technical team as the child grows.


    Mybility offers unbeatable value, with a generous range of extra accessories included in the price as well as a 5 year parts and labour warranty and 10 year frame warranty. Mybility can organise a comprehensive demo at your home for as long as it takes, with a in-depth seating assessment included.

    DL wheelchairs are road and pavement legal with a long range of up to 25 miles.

  • We’ve listened to our customers and we are proud to announce that our bestselling HydroTilt® is now even better. 

    It is now available with a unique, angle adjustable, padded, flip-up footplate.


  • Silvalea ‘the original replacement sling manufacturer’ announce preview of new sling innovation set to change the nature of patient sling fixings.

    With a targeted campaign in industry press, Silvalea have been teasing everyone regarding the nature of their latest ‘product’, to be revealed at the OT Show 23rd – 24th November. Silvalea are happy to list their impressive history of industry changing product innovations to emphasise the importance of this latest sling solution.

    The exact nature of this product innovation is currently a closely guarded secret, however, we can tell you this; their latest solution will radically improve carer/ patient safety and remove an inherent sling hazard. 

  • Keir Harding, a member of the College of Occupational Therapists (COT), has been named as the winner of the 2016 COT Pearson Award for education, research or continuing professional development. The award funded Keir’s attendance at the British and Irish Group for Study of Personality Disorders annual conference (BIGSPD); at which Keir chaired a symposium on ‘From Scratch: Setting up and delivering a Day Therapeutic Community’.

  • Flip Out Bristol, managed by Daniel Antoniou and his team, is a family-oriented franchise of the UK’s leading trampoline operator, Flip Out. Opened in January 2016, the Bristol store is popular with children, teenagers, parents and grand-parents, who love to bounce for fun and fitness.

    “Birthday party packages for children and adults are a big hit here,” explains Daniel.

    Access to Bounce

    “For one of our party bookings, we were asked about access to the trampoline arena for a disabled girl, so that she could join in her friend’s birthday celebration.

    Faced with a challenge, we were referred by a customer to speak to local mobility and modular ramping solution company, TVM Bristol & Cheltenham.


  • The Yorkshire Ambulance Service has recently teamed up with family-run company Yorkshire Care Equipment to provide Raizer falls lifting chairs to care homes in the Sheffield area. 

    Yorkshire Ambulance Service responds to nearly 800,000 emergencies every year, and around 10% of these are related to falls. With the Raizer now on-hand to help care home staff get residents back on their feet, the Service is hoping that this will reduce the number of emergency services callouts.

  • "Reval Ruby makes it possible for people who are bedbound to participate, by rubbing soap on them by themselves, even just a little bit, which they don’t normally get the chance to do. There have been occasions where people have been reluctant to have a bath at all, so we’ve suggested the Ruby and they’ve loved it. The bonus is that you have a content staff team who are happy to take up the challenge of encouraging reluctant customers to have a bath. There was one gentleman who told us that he didn’t fancy that at all’ but afterwards said ‘thank you, I feel so much better for that’.

  • Specialist seating company Yorkshire Care Equipment is today launching the ProSpec - a new hospital chair designed in conjunction with NHS hospitals.

    The company is hoping that the ProSpec can become the new 'go-to' chair for all hospitals due to its innovative design that includes various positioning options, easy-to-use functions, and completely infection-control friendly surfaces to minimise the chances of cross-contamination.

  • “You cannot under estimate how complicated it can be to specify a hoist system that allows for exceptional freedom of movement. Chris Prescott of Reval is absolutely worth his weight in gold when it comes to specifiying ceiling hoists for smooth integration into just about any setting, domestic or otherwise. You know your in safe hands with Reval."

  • For the first time, family-run care and mobility aid supplier Yorkshire Care Equipment have launched their own care chair - the Lento.

    The company has spent two years designing and perfecting the Lento, and consequently have created a care chair that can suit the needs of up to 80% of the population.

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