27-28 NOVEMBER 2024


We value the comfort and ease of access for all our delegates

To ensure that everyone can enjoy their time at the Occupational Therapy Show, we have made it more accessible

Wheelchair access

To allow easier access to the event for wheelchair users, our event will have dropped registration counters, allocated spaces and ramps to the stage in all theatres. As the event will be busy we also have the option to hire mobility scooters and wheelchairs free of charge, for more information, click here.

Hearing loops

All theatres at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress will be equipped with permanent hearing loops, allowing everyone to access our educational speaker sessions.

To use our hearing loops, please speak to a member of our theatre staff.

Quiet room

Quiet Rooms are important for creating a safe space that’s more inclusive not only for neurodivergent people but also neurotypical, allowing both to thrive at events as one. 

This includes

  • Meditation Zone: up to 4 individual seats with device offering meditation, ASMR, white, pink and brown noise, and noise cancelling WiFi headset
  • Mindfulness Zone: table and chairs with mindful colouring books, puzzle books and jigsaws
  • Relaxation Zone: bean bags, floor cushions and noise-cancelling ear muffs
  • Disco Nap Zone: sofa, coffee table, textured cushions, eye masks, neck pillows, weighted blankets, noise cancelling ear muffs

It is in partnership with EventWell - visit their website to find out more:

quiet room 4

For more information on accessibility at the venue,
please visit the NEC Birmingham's website here.

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