Exhibitor Press Releases

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Brotherwood, the UK’s leading Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle specialists, reached a historic milestone – converting and supplying their 5000th new WAV to yet another delighted client. 


    The gleaming Obsidian Black Mercedes-Benz V-Class with Brotherwood’s unique ‘Klastar’ lowered floor conversion was delivered to the Wilkinson family, who can now enjoy comfortable journeys in and around their home town of Southampton and further afield. The Brotherwood conversion enables daughter Sophie to travel inclusively as part of the family, whilst seated in her bespoke wheelchair.

  • After visiting the Gartec Home showroom, Nicky, James, 4 year-old Isla and their Occupational Therapist chose the 6000 home lift for adapting a new extension in Windlesham for Isla’s progressive genetic condition, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

    The Gartec Home 6000 lift is a hugely versatile lift, offering a large size for electric chairs, 410kg capacity, and doors on multiple sides which meant the lift didn't have to open in Isla's bedroom.

    It was important the lift didn't look like a 'disability product' to keep their home feeling like a home. The 6000 was finished in glass and white to match the new extension.

    “Having the lift is already making day-today living so much easier and moving between floors is now stress-free”

    Nicky, James and Isla are thrilled with the lift and Isla loves to show her friends. Gartec Home maintain the lift for the family.

    Want to know more? Contact Gartec Home on 01296 397100 or visit www.gartechome.com.

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formerly Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is a poorly understood condition which affects many people in the UK and across the globe is a painful and debilitating neuropathic condition that affects approximately 5% of all injuries that occur. According to research CRPS affects 1 in 3,800 people in the UK which is approximately 15,000 newly diagnosed cases every year, which doesn’t account for those who may have been undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

    It isn’t as rare as you think, therefore all healthcare professionals should be able to identify the condition, know its signs and symptoms and be able to formulate a treatment plan. As a charity we raise awareness about CRPS amongst the public, health & legal professionals by providing awareness sessions, so diagnoses can be made quicker & treatment started more rapidly.

    November is CRPS awareness month and so it's a perfect time for you to develop your professional skills and learn about a condition you may never have heard of!

    Come and speak to the team at Stand H52 to learn more about the condition and how to access our CRPS awareness sessions for HCPs.

  • Etac R82, a division of the respected Scandinavian Etac Group, will be debuting an outstanding range of pioneering mobility equipment solutions and educational programmes at OT Show 2018.

    (OT Show, Stand C70, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • Abacus, the trusted specialist in accessible bathing solutions for disabled bathers, will be unveiling the latest addition to its proven range at the OT Show – the new Gemini 2000 variable height bath.
    (Stand J40, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • ADS provide the very best in door automation solutions, making access to homes and businesses more convenient.  Almost any type of door can be automated. Subject to the existing door being in good con ...
  • HD in the Community. Enhancing care for all.

    16 Oct 2018 Helen Gutteridge

    HD in the Community. Enhancing care for all.
    Specialist manufacturers of moving, handling and enablement equipment for over twenty-five years , our Community Range has grown and developed around your needs - whether you are an OT, Physiotherapist, Community Nurse, District Nurse, Carers or living in your own home and requiring assistance in making daily living a little bit easier.


  • Lewis Reed prides itself on providing a fantastic fit, funciton and finish with regards to it's converted vehicles.

  • TGA will be showcasing why its award-winning wheelchairs, powerpacks, powerchairs and mobility scooters deliver enhanced postural support and moving and handling advantages at The OT Show.

  • MemRabel 2 has helped thousands of people to live more independently through, the use of personalised memory prompts set as daily alarm reminders. MemRabel 2 has over 100 pre-installed videos, photos and voice reminders, which cover typical daily living reminders such as medication, daily routines, home safety and appointments.

  • Cognitive Aids to promote independence

    11 Oct 2018 Lauren Frost

    What is Handi Calendar? How can an app on a phone help someone to become more independent and understand time or help them to process an activity like packing a bag for school or work?

    Based on over 40 years of experience and supported by research evidence Abilia's cognitive aids can improve someones quality of life by increasing their independence.

  • Abacus, the trusted specialist in accessible bathing solutions, will be launching its integrated BioCote antimicrobial technology at the OT Show – now available in its Gemini 1700 and 2000 baths (Stand J40, NEC, 21-22 November).Abacus, the trusted specialist in accessible bathing solutions, will be launching its integrated BioCote antimicrobial technology at the OT Show – now available in its Gemini 1700 and 2000 baths (Stand J40, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • New innovative range of beautiful clothes, designed to make life easier for women who like to look good but find high-street fashion a challenge to wear, is now endoursed by Joanna Lumley
  • Symphony are launching Freedom at the Occupational Therapy Show (Stand B70) at the NEC in Birmingham this year. Freedom is an exciting multi-generational accessible kitchen concept where each and every kitchen embraces specialist design features and the latest kitchen styles. Freedom has been designed with the user at the forefront and addresses the recommendations from the Approved Doc-M 2015 (ADM) and Wheelchair Housing Design Guide 2018 (WHDG).

    Developed in partnership with Adam Thomas, the UKs leading expert in accessible kitchen design, Freedom by Symphony is leading the way in designing for an individual’s requirements as well as the growing number of multigenerational households.

  • Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor, will be delivering a series of engaging assistive bed-based educational CPD accredited presentations on the Theraposture stand at the OT Show (B41, NEC, 21 and 22 Nov).

  • Working in conjunction with Abacus, Kate Sheehan and Simon Murnane, Occupational Therapists, will be delivering OT Show seminars focusing on the justification of an accessible bath to ensure positive occupational outcomes.

  • Theraposture, the market leader with the widest range of rotating beds, will be unveiling its latest addition to the Rotoflex range at the Occupational Therapy Show - the Rotoflex 235 Plus (Stand B41, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • A Journey to Revolutionary Products

    26 Sep 2018 Cassie Roberts

    The history of the Huntington’s products designed and manufactured by Novacorr is an interesting one. In 2011 Keith Atkinson, Managing Director of Novacorr was contacted by an Occupational Therapist. Novacorr had been manufacturing equipment for bariatric clients and clients with spinal injuries and had developed a reputation as a company that solved. On this occasion the OT asked Keith to go out and look at a bed for a patient with Huntington’s Disease. The OT had exhausted all other options and still had no solution for her client.

    Keith had never come across Huntington’s Disease before, so was shocked to see a lady lying on a mattress on the floor, with her arms and legs jerking around and the client making noises as though she was choking. Keith initially had to leave the room as he was so upset by what he had seen.

    Moved by his experience, Keith set out to make a solution which would provide safety, comfort and dignity to this client and those with similar symptoms. This has become an enduring passion not just for Keith, but for the whole family and the whole company.

  • As Invacare return to The OT Show as Education Partner for another year on the 21st and 22nd November 2018, the market-leading manufacturer and supplier is excited to be bringing new introductions to its Safe Patient Handling range.

  • Loopwheels have just launched Loopwheels Clinical Indications. This will help clinicians assess whether vibration reducing Loopwheels should be a key part of equipment needs. It follows 3 years of development, testing, research and user testing and feedback.

  • Are you passionate about leading change in MSK care?

    Arthritis Research UK are delighted to launch our MSK Champions leadership development initiative.  Our aim is to create a community of role models and ambassadors to champion change and work with us to improve the way musculoskeletal care is provided. We’re developing a UK-wide community of leaders and influencers to champion change in musculoskeletal health services.

  • More than just a magazine

    04 Sep 2018 Rosalind Tulloch

    The OT Magazine is designed as a resource to help occupational therapists keep up to date with developments in the industry, to discover the work happening in other areas of the profession, to find new independent living aids for patients, to read about emerging roles of occupational therapy and to share practices and innovative projects that other OTs are developing.

  • “Your Mobility has an exciting range of new and updated products that are very much aimed at facilitating or improving the ability for people to continue to live in their own homes or in a care home. We are specifically looking to raise awareness of our products and demonstrate the very comprehensive, solution based, benefits they offer to both users and carers alike.  Attending the OT show is part of a new promotional campaign aimed at raising awareness and product knowledge to Occupational Therapists and other health care professionals.”

  • Pressure ulcer prevention using an alternating-pressure mattress overlay: the MATCARP project

    08 Aug 2018 JOURNAL OF WOUND CARE VOL 2 7 , NO 8 , AUGUST 2 0 1 8 from Sylvie Meaume & Marc Marty

    It is an article presenting results of our PM 100A EVO air mattress from studies and tests undertaken by Nukleus, a contract research organisation.

    The primary objective was to assess the incidence of
    pressure ulcer (PU) in patients at high risk of PU and lying between
    15–20 hours per day on an alternating-pressure mattress overlay
    (APMO). Secondary objectives were the patient’s satisfaction with the comfort of the APMO, patient acceptance of its sound level, and the care team’s assessment of its use and the moisture level.

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