Exhibitor Press Releases

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • We are delighted to be attending the OT Show. We’re on a drive to achieve our high ambitions for the people who live in West Sussex. We are looking for talented occupational therapists to join our tea ...
  • Working in conjunction with Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, respected Occupational Therapist, Adam Ferry, will be delivering condensed CPD-accredited seminars regarding assisted bathing on stand J40 at the OT Show. (Stand J40, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • MohuDesigns has a range of quality flexible sensory products that is essential for every occupational therapist's sensory tool kit. The MohuComfort Sensory blanket that can be adapted to meet individual sensory needs is a versitile product that gives OTs flexibility and confidence when building therapies for their wide range of clients. Created with the guidance of OTs, the MohuDesigns range offers quality, flexibility and innnovation.

  • Seven TOP TIPS for getting the most out of the OT Show 2018

    31 Oct 2018 Rosie Moreton, Marketing Manager -

    Heading to Birmingham to visit the OT Show this November? Read our 'Seven TOP Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The OT Show 2018'; a quick guide to ensuring your visit is a success.

    Covering all you need to know, from making sure you can get to the OT Show 2018 to helping you discover the latest innovations; our top tips are designed to make your visit an easy fun experience whilst efficiently discovering a wealth of new information. 

  • Fledgings

    31 Oct 2018 EV



  • The assistive technology Designability are pleased to be bringing along their popular paediatric Wizzybug powered wheelchair to The OT Show. The Wizzybug has already changed the lives of over 600 children across the UK who are living with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy and spina bifida.

  • Challenge Remap

    29 Oct 2018 David Martin

    Remap, the charity provider of free, bespoke equipment, is throwing down a challenge to OTs at this year's OT Show.

    Talk to us about any patients for whom you can’t find suitable equipment and we’ll put our teams onto it. We’ve nearly 1,000 volunteer engineers, technicians and makers who love  solving knotty problems! And remember, anything we design and make is provided free of charge!

  • Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz Homelifts will be presenting its wheelchair-accessible lift, Trio+, at The Occupational Therapy Show, NEC Birmingham on November 21-22.   The Stiltz Trio+ Homelift is ...
  • Sunrise Medical at the OT Show

    29 Oct 2018 Samantha Heathcock

    Sunrise Medical provides a full portfolio of mobility products across the Quickie, Zippie, JAY and JCM ranges (to name just a few of our brands). With an extensive catalogue of clinical solutions coupled with some superb new product launches, now is a great time to choose Sunrise Medical.

  • PMG @ The Occupational Therapy Show

    29 Oct 2018 Ffion Lane

    Join Posture & Mobility Group (PMG) for two days of education and training The Occupational Therapy Show 2018, where we'll be providing four sessions in Theatre 2, as well as some practical workshops from our exhibition stand - B22!

    Find out more about our sessions on paediatric seating, posture management, transportation and bariatric wheelchair seating as well as how to book onto one of our Measuring for Wheelchairs workshops, based on the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) hybrid training course.

  • VELA at the OT-show

    29 Oct 2018 VELA

    Assistive technologies can make a huge difference in the everyday life of people with disabilities, as they enable execution, activity and participation in everyday activities. This also applies to the VELA Chair, which is a device developed by VELA in the 1970s, which has become popular in many homes by providing people with disabilities with greater independence.

    VELA Chairs is a series of ergonomic chairs designed for people with disabilities. All chair models support and increase the user’s level of activity, ability to function as well as their independence in performing activities at home and work, and each has different characteristics.

  • We provide quality products to meet individual pressure care needs

    Our specialist range of Lateral Tilt Systems, Mattresses and CareWave cushions effectively heal and prevent pressure ulcers and promote postural support.

    The Pressure Care Management team work with healthcare professionals across the NHS and Social Services to deliver the correct solution for clients at the best price.

  • Special Yoga techniques provide invaluable practises to support the work of occupational therapists and other paediatric professionals. The techniques we use and teach create further potential for increased abilities in children with special needs across many areas, including sensory input, communication, speech and language, physical and energetic alignment, and reduction in anxiety and associated behaviours.

    The practises also bring profound wellbeing and stress reduction for the occupational therapists themselves, which in turn improves the efficacy of the sessions with children.

    Our training programmes are bespoke and created following detailed consultation with clients so that the training outcomes meet the specific needs and requirements of occupational therapy teams and their service users.



    Droplet - Creating real change in hospitals & care homes

    Dehydration is responsible for thousands of hospital admissions in the UK every year with dehydration thought to be the cause of one in ten GP consultations for tiredness and fatigue.

    In care home and hospital trials Droplet increased daily fluid levels by more than 60%, equivalent to over ½ litre more each day. The benefits of this were two-fold – it improved the health & wellbeing of patients & residents but it also supported carers in understanding the hydration levels of those in their care.

    Developed in partnership with over 100 Healthcare Professionals and supported by NHS England, Droplet features soft flashing lights and gentle voice messages that remind the user to take a drink. You can also record your own comforting messages – providing a reassuring and familiar voice for loved ones when you can’t be there.

    With a contemporary design that mimics the familiarity of the cups and mugs we use at home, Droplet provides a dignified and supportive way to hydrate that puts the control back into the user’s hands.


  • This Best Product award  from the BHTA which is the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare association, came on its 100th anniversary awarded to Guldmann for the new GHZ in-rail hoist.

    The award recognises a product that meets the demand for innovation, proven success in line with objectives set within development and improves quality of life.

  • On stand B42 at The OT Show, Precision Rehab will be exhibiting the UPnRIDE and Sunrise Q700 UP M powered wheelchairs both of which have recently been added to the company’s product portfolio.  Complementing the UPnRIDE and Q700 UP M will be the Paravan PR50, Paravan PR30 Evo II and the Paravan Piccolino, which features a very low to floor seat height of 38cm with an option of 36cm.

  • The OT Hub: Who we are + what we do

    25 Oct 2018 Jamie Grant - Managing Director
    The collaborative, Member-led information platform, with a mission to enhance patient, client, practitioner and student support. Used in over 130 countries.   Needs To openly share ideas and resources ...
  • Introducing the new VIP2 folding tilt in space wheelchair which is now available with recline. 

  • Brotherwood, the UK’s leading Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle specialists, reached a historic milestone – converting and supplying their 5000th new WAV to yet another delighted client. 


    The gleaming Obsidian Black Mercedes-Benz V-Class with Brotherwood’s unique ‘Klastar’ lowered floor conversion was delivered to the Wilkinson family, who can now enjoy comfortable journeys in and around their home town of Southampton and further afield. The Brotherwood conversion enables daughter Sophie to travel inclusively as part of the family, whilst seated in her bespoke wheelchair.

  • After visiting the Gartec Home showroom, Nicky, James, 4 year-old Isla and their Occupational Therapist chose the 6000 home lift for adapting a new extension in Windlesham for Isla’s progressive genetic condition, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

    The Gartec Home 6000 lift is a hugely versatile lift, offering a large size for electric chairs, 410kg capacity, and doors on multiple sides which meant the lift didn't have to open in Isla's bedroom.

    It was important the lift didn't look like a 'disability product' to keep their home feeling like a home. The 6000 was finished in glass and white to match the new extension.

    “Having the lift is already making day-today living so much easier and moving between floors is now stress-free”

    Nicky, James and Isla are thrilled with the lift and Isla loves to show her friends. Gartec Home maintain the lift for the family.

    Want to know more? Contact Gartec Home on 01296 397100 or visit www.gartechome.com.

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formerly Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is a poorly understood condition which affects many people in the UK and across the globe is a painful and debilitating neuropathic condition that affects approximately 5% of all injuries that occur. According to research CRPS affects 1 in 3,800 people in the UK which is approximately 15,000 newly diagnosed cases every year, which doesn’t account for those who may have been undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

    It isn’t as rare as you think, therefore all healthcare professionals should be able to identify the condition, know its signs and symptoms and be able to formulate a treatment plan. As a charity we raise awareness about CRPS amongst the public, health & legal professionals by providing awareness sessions, so diagnoses can be made quicker & treatment started more rapidly.

    November is CRPS awareness month and so it's a perfect time for you to develop your professional skills and learn about a condition you may never have heard of!

    Come and speak to the team at Stand H52 to learn more about the condition and how to access our CRPS awareness sessions for HCPs.

  • Etac R82, a division of the respected Scandinavian Etac Group, will be debuting an outstanding range of pioneering mobility equipment solutions and educational programmes at OT Show 2018.

    (OT Show, Stand C70, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • Abacus, the trusted specialist in accessible bathing solutions for disabled bathers, will be unveiling the latest addition to its proven range at the OT Show – the new Gemini 2000 variable height bath.
    (Stand J40, NEC, 21-22 November).

  • ADS provide the very best in door automation solutions, making access to homes and businesses more convenient.  Almost any type of door can be automated. Subject to the existing door being in good con ...

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