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At The Occupational Therapy Show 2017 I was shown a moving & handling product, a non-mechanised standing aid, very similar to a popular but more expensive model often used by my Occupational Therapy team.  The product we had been requisitioning in increasingly high numbers needed to be approved by a weekly clinical panel based on clinical reasoning and availability of reconditioned alternatives but was reducing significantly the need for mechanical standing hoists which were currently a standard stock item. The approval process and subsequent ordering meant that clients were often waiting for 2-3 weeks for this piece of equipment with hospital discharges managed with alternatives that were not ideal.

On discussion with the exhibitor some recommendations were made for minor alterations to the product that would make it more flexible within the home environments we work in.  We discussed costs per unit and availability of stock. Based on reduction of mechanical stand-aid provision and the lower cost of this new product I felt able to build a business case that suggested its inclusion as a standard stock item off-set by making the mechanical device a ‘special’ requiring panel approval.

This business case was approved, the equipment trialled and has now been ordered in bulk as a standard equipment store item. More here.

Supporting Integrated Community Equipment Service Teams at The Occupational Therapy Show

We are delighted to announce a new education feature at this year’s Occupational Therapy Show taking place at Birmingham’s NEC on 21st & 22nd November to support all OTs, managers and commissioners working within equipment service teams.

Going into its 6th year, The Occupational Therapy Show attracts a national attendance of over 4,500 Occupational Therapists to update their CPD through a two day conference programme, and to learn about products and services that can support their clients exhibiting within a busy trade floor hosting over 200 suppliers.

There is no denying the importance of Occupational Therapists, who not only have a vital client-facing role, they also recommend and specify products and services to meet the needs’ of their clients with the aim of improving their ability to do everyday tasks where mental or physical illness has impacted life.

The new adaptions conference stream will attract an audience of managers, technical officers, clinical leads and commissioners working within Equipment Provision to share best practice, and will offer advice and direction to suppliers looking to work with regional loan stores and local authority integrated care equipment services (ICES).

“Bringing the specifiers and the budget holders together not only hugely strengthens the show proposition for our clients” says Panayiota Sofokli, Occupational Therapy Show Manager, “but the sharing of ideas, new products and best practice will ultimately help more people in need of support to live independently.

For speaking, stand and sponsorship information please contact Panayiota now - Tel: (0)207 348 4909 or p.sofokli@closerstillmedia.com





  • The whole concept of The Occupational Therapy Show is exactly how professional health conferences ought to be. I love how inclusive the event is – there is no registration fee. Other conferences are nauseating and hoity-toity. The essence of occupational therapy is in the hands of the clinician – they are the centre of our concerns and we can learn through them – that’s what I associate with The Occupational Therapy Show. That’s why I want to be a part of it and I come back every time I can. Two years ago the show was so much smaller than what it is today – when I see all the people it just tells me that it has grown so much in popularity – there are more vendors now too, it’s huge!
    Professor Michael Iwama
  • We had a really good influx of visitors to the stand following our workshop which was fantastic. We’ve seen a varied range of people coming through, and all are really interested in the new add-on products. It’s important that our customers can see us with new innovations to offer that they may not have realised we do. You can go to exhibitions with the general public but you just don’t get anything back from it – for us this is now the best place to show new products to OTs.
    Libby Strutt, PR Executive
  • It is fantastic to offer a day or two for OTs to come to an event like this. We must see at least 500 OTs on our stand each day – I mean you can see it now, lots of people looking around and lots of conversations. You get great feedback from the visitors too. They can talk about product design and about the challenges they have within their own environments which allows us to go off and innovate on what we do or to react based on their comments. It’s a great lead-generator opportunity for us. It makes a lot of sense!
    James Dadd, Marketing Director


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