Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus Bed wins inaugural OT Show Award for Excellence in Caring

26 Nov 2018

Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus Bed wins inaugural OT Show Award for Excellence in Caring

Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus Bed wins inaugural OT Show Award for Excellence in Caring

Theraposture’s latest addition to its extensive specialist rotating bed range, the new Rotoflex 235 Plus, has won the first Excellence in Caring Award at the OT Show 2018.

Selected by a panel of experienced healthcare professionals, the award-winning Rotoflex 235 Plus was deemed best product on show following a comprehensive review. Launched at the NEC, this latest Rotoflex from Theraposture was regarded as a solution that will revolutionise the care environment for both service-users and carers alike’ and enable clients to take an active role in their care.’ Shortlisted alongside many other innovations from other exhibitors, the Rotoflex 235 Plus excelled in all criteria strengthened by a compelling end user testimonial which reaffirmed the significant care, financial and lifestyle benefits of this assistive product.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director comments: "We are delighted to have won this prestigious award as it officially recognises our Rotoflex as the considered choice. No other rotating bed system can deliver the same level of user support resulting from a concept continually refined over a period of 20 years. It is a quality, considerately designed specialist bed, backed-up by ethical and caring assessment-led service. By working so closely with Occupational Therapists since 1981, we are able to understand more deeply the challenges that clients face ­hence enhancing and widening the bespoke Rotoflex range to meet individual needs more precisely. Our award-winning Rotoflex 235 Plus is a culmination of all our experience particularly when you consider its in-built and unique powered rising heel section a world’s first in rotating beds. This accolade we believe will send a clear signal to all healthcare professionals and end users that the Rotoflex is still the original and best."

The Rotoflex range from Theraposture is the most established and trusted powered turning bed system patented and totally unique. Often copied but never equalled, it facilitates safe and stable transfers in and out of bed through advanced engineering. No other rotating bed provides the same level of ergonomics and support so users living with restricted mobility can independently access a bed with maximised safety and reassurance.

Clients commonly with neurological conditions, such as MS and Parkinson’s, greatly benefit from its ability to move and rotate from a recumbent to a fully upright seated position. It is endorsed by the charity Parkinson’s UK Theraposture is one of its chosen specialist product suppliers. With its vertical lift in the seated position, controlled standing and seating is possible for those with balance and strength inconsistencies all without the need for carer assistance. When a carer is reduced from two-to-none, the Rotoflex is proven to save up to £27,000 per year in carer costs and eliminates the need for relocation into a care home.

The latest Rotoflex 235 Plus offers even greater value as its streamlined and modular design is suitable for a wider range of user needs. It includes Theraposture’s patented powered rising heel support as standard, is ideally suited to users weighing up to 31 stones and is only available as a bed for one.

In addition to award success at the OT Show, the Theraposture exhibition stand generated positive results with high attendance levels particularly in response to its on-stand educational seminars. Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor, hosted a series of sessions which provided invaluable awareness regarding safe bed transfers and specialist modular cots for children. Featuring the Rotoflex 235 Plus, Shaun’s presentations entitled 'Legs into bed' Enabling independent transfers for those unable to safely get into or out of bed’ were the most popular.


Picture caption: The Theraposture team celebrates winning the Excellence in Caring Award at the OT Show 2018. Pictured left to right with the winning Rotoflex 235 Plus – Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor; Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director; and Steve Keetley, Theraposture Trusted Assessor.


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