Quantum® Acquires Stealth Products, Inc.

14 Aug 2014

Quantum® Acquires Stealth Products, Inc.

Quantum® (A subsidiary of Pride Mobility Products Ltd), are a provider of prescriptive power chairs within the UK. Quantum is pleased to announce the acquisition of Stealth Products Inc. 

Stealth Products has grown as an industry leader in complex rehab components, accessories and paediatric mobility solutions. This will ensure that Quantum® continues as an innovator in complex rehab mobility technology. It further supports Stealth's exceptional products, distribution and future development, by providing the resources needed for even greater growth.

The acquisition of Stealth aids in the development and provision of high-end accessories, enabling Quantum products the adjustability and positioning demands of most clientele.

Nick Allen-Managing Director of Pride Mobility Products Ltd says:

“I see the acquisition of Stealth Products as an important part to the Quantum® High End Power Chair range. Now that Quantum products are not only working closer with Stealth, we will also have the capabilities to produce and manufacture high-end Rehab solutions, which enables our distributors to produce more bespoke power chair products for the client.

We are delighted to be working closer with Stealth as this will be a huge stepping-stone in the development of High Rehab Powered Chair Solutions. These new accessories will adapt to a patient’s changing requirements and includes more exclusive features to provide an effective mobility solution, to enhance quality of life for the client. 

The possibilities with Stealth Products Inc, are endless and the advancements Stealth have already added give more of a dynamic to the Quantum power chair range."

For more details about Stealth Products Inc and Quantum product visit www.quantumrehab.co.uk.  



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