Driven by Health

25 Aug 2017

Driven by Health

Driven by Health

With an estimate of 426,000 people in Care/Residential homes across the UK and continuing to rise, you would have thought that the Government would be focusing on getting the correct funding to this sector. However, it seems the opposite.

On the news, all we hear about is the negative decisions that the new hung parliament is making on our behalves, we as a sector can either look at this with our heads in our hands worrying, or we can look at new ways to bring the high levels of care that are required to our elderly generation. We believe that modernisation is the key!

We as a magazine are working with key members of the Health & Social Care market to bring to you the best advice possible as to how to overcome some of these less than delightful decisions.

This issue offers articles from;

The OT Show:- The Occupational Therapy Show. There’s much more to this…

Debbie Le Quesne:- Election over, we’re still struggling to grasp the nettle of social care

Fluid:- A compassionate approach to Care Home

Adam Hutchison:- Motivating your Healthcare Workforce

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