This unique event offers OTs a conference programme with over  80 hours of CPD-accredited content spread over two days. Packed with new ideas and inspiration, The Occupational Therapy Show places specially built conference theatres on the exhibition floor, putting your potential audience right in front of  YOU.

Don't just take our word for it, read what our 2018 delegates and exhibitors have to say...


Jenny Watson – Lead Occupational therapist - Half finders complex care UK

The OT show in innovative and informative, it is the new show for OT’s. I attend the OT show to get some more information about the range of equipment as I do a lot of budgeting. I research the products here and then we get our contractors to come in.

Amy Jones – Occupational Therapist - NHS

The OT show is the only show I go to. It is interesting, innovative and thought provoking.

Patience Young – Clinical commissioning lead - Hull CCG

As a clinical commissioning lead, I commission all of the equipment and wheelchairs for the city and so I need an awareness for what is going on and I also am interested in attending the sessions as we are just about to implement something called moving with dignity and I am really interested in hearing the single-handed care talk.

Tracey Brown – OT – Working with adults in north Dorset

I come every other year to update my knowledge on sensory equipment as well as general practice. I have picked up a lot of leaflets and information. Visiting the stalls have been great. I will defiantly be back next year!

Jackie Robinson - Community OT

The OT Show has been bigger and better this year. I attend to see new products, attend seminars and to network. I have found there to be lots of new information available and more products on display.  

Stephanie Burges - senior OT – Stoke on Trent city council

I come to the OT show to have a look at products as I am a prescriber of equipment and we’re looking at new products and modifications. To help the council get better contracts. As well as CPD.

Andrew Dixon – OT – Warwickshire county council

I am here to explore the products and the knowledge that I can gain from the talks and generally improve my professional ability. I have gained knowledge about products that I had no idea existed and I can think about my customers and the problems they have and how I can help them find solutions and make their lives more manageable and freer of difficulty..

Emily Mock – OT – West London Mental Health Trust

The OT show provides a better insight into the forensic side of things and also the physical things because it is a very physical based show and I feel that sometimes within mental health we can sometimes get lost within that and sometimes lose sight of what is up and coming around physical health which is just as important.


Closomat – Lary Beale – Area Sales Manager

We come to the OT show because it is the biggest show in our industry. It is our biggest chance to show new products and let people know about everything we sell.

Abilia- Jackie Molthouse – Product advisor

A lot of our equipment is for OT’s and we can be here to advise what their clients may need. We have also previously attended the event and it has always been well received.

Jiraffe – Chris Pozard – Marketing Executive

The OT show is good to show off our products. It is one of the biggest and most popular shows. It is good to get the brand out there. A lot of our competitors attend too. We also bring out new products at this time of year and we are launching our new product the atom. It’s good to show them off in person rather than just over the internet.

Perimobile – Ryman Roy – Product Specialist

The OT show is a chance to showcase what we do, meet new customers and do b2b with other companies and really generate prospects. It is one of the best shows that we go to due to foot flow and how busy it is.

Direct Healthcare – Cason Karn – Clinical Sales Manager

The OT Show is a great showcase for us to demonstrate our new innovative products and to launch our new chair. It is a great space for us to get some customer feedback and show them what we are innovating and bringing to market.

Sunrise – Ben Hurst-  Head of sales and marketing

A lot of people who are starting their OT carer’s come to shows like this and it is great for us to interact with those people and to show off the brand and the company. We come to the OT Show to get people to see our products and then start using them, simply put.


Jane Richmond - highly specialist occupational therapist - the national hospital for neurology and neurosurgery

I work at a specialist neology hospital and we were asked to speak at the show. We were keen to share our knowledge on the specialisms that we had. The OT show attendance are occupational therapists and it is great opportunity to spread the knowledge

Fay Gower-Smith - Clinical Consultant (Occupational Therapist) - Norfolk Integrated Community Equipment Service.

As an occupational therapist it is great to come to a show that is specially for occupational therapy. There are also lots of suppliers here and I can see a large range of people that can lead to networking opportunities. The reason I wanted to speak is because I know that I will be speaking to the right target audience to get my message across about the importance of what we do.

Sue Baptist - Professor Emerita - McMaster University

I was invited to speak and I have always been intrigued by the OT show as I knew it was very different model and know of no other shows like this in OT. I have found it fascinating! There are so many baths, beds and chairs that are here – so much amazing equipment. I also like the fact that paediatrics is so heavily represented.

If you want to know more about participating at The Occupational Therapy Show, please contact: Jemima Edwards on  +44 (0)207 348 1860 or email theotshow@closerstillmedia.com

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