This unique event offers OTs a conference programme with over  80 hours of CPD-accredited content spread over two days. Packed with new ideas and inspiration, The Occupational Therapy Show places specially built conference theatres on the exhibition floor, putting your potential audience right in front of  YOU.

Don't just take our word for it, read what our 2017 delegates and exhibitors have to say...


Professor Michael Iwama

The whole concept of The Occupational Therapy Show is exactly how professional health conferences ought to be. I love how inclusive the event is – there is no registration fee. Other conferences are nauseating and hoity-toity. The essence of occupational therapy is in the hands of the clinician – they are the centre of our concerns and we can learn through them – that’s what I associate with The Occupational Therapy Show. That’s why I want to be a part of it and I come back every time I can.

Two years ago the show was so much smaller than what it is today – when I see all the people it just tells me that it has grown so much in popularity – there are more vendors now too, it’s huge!

Michael Mandelstram 

I’ve been speaking at The Occupational Therapy Show for the last two or three years. It’s great speaking to lots and lots of therapists. It is clear that the visitors are enjoying themselves and the show is clearly growing in popularity.

Louise Stubbs, Clinical Lead, Nottingham Healthcare

I like the mix of the stands and the lectures. The conferences are very good. Today we have been looking at a range of falls equipment, including bed equipment. My friend also does some private work so she has a pretty long shopping list to get through! It is great that everything is all in one place. The exhibitors are all very helpful and informative. 

Holly Neaton, OT, Dovedale Day Hospital

I really like The Occupational Therapy Show as there’s something different every year and it covers a lot of personal interests. I enjoy the variety of lectures and exploring the stands too. You can pick up bits and pieces to show your patients and give them more options. 

Cynthia Scerri, Clinical Lead, Rehab Hospital Karin Grech

We’re always trying to find new ways of doing our work and looking out for new technologies to provide the best service for our clients. We don’t have this exposure in Malta, and the supplies in the country are very limited. It is useful to find and make connections with international suppliers at The Occupational Therapy Show. 

We have been to some really interesting lectures, including one on dementia and flying and another on evolving practice. The sessions offer something different and inspire you to look beyond the practice that you’re comfortable with. 

The topic range is very broad so there is something for everyone – and ideas that will apply to clients of all ages and with all different types of conditions. 

There’s so much to get around in 2 days! There’s a really good choice of presentations and plenty of opportunity for networking. It is important to make new contacts with different OT services. 

Even just to pick up the brochures and catalogues is important for us as we don’t receive a lot of these in Malta. 

We’ve taken plenty of videos and pictures to help us show our colleagues what we have learnt. 

OT, Derby

I attend every year with my colleagues for the keynote sessions. It is also interesting to look around the stands at all the new pieces of equipment, as well as the range of both physical and mental health offerings.

Sareeta Baley, OT, Sandwell & West Birmingham

The seminars and exhibition are really useful. I’ve visited lots of charities, and particularly enjoyed speaking with Arthritis Research. The sessions focused around current research are very interesting. I also like browsing the stalls for new ideas.

Richard Pino, OT, Harrow Council Social Services 

This is my second time at the show – it is great to come here and be enlightened by the presentations. It is nice to be able to broaden your knowledge and understanding here. I really benefit from the event as I’m currently in adult social services and the exposure I get here to other domains is really important. 



Libby Strutt, PR Executive, Stannah

We had a really good influx of visitors to the stand following our workshop which was fantastic. We’ve seen a varied range of people coming through, and all are really interested in the new add-on products. It’s important that our customers can see us with new innovations to offer that they may not have realised we do. You can go to exhibitions with the general public but you just don’t get anything back from it – for us this is now the best place to show new products to OTs.

Birmingham is so central and people can come from all over the country – the NEC is a good venue. 

Lisa Cook, Marketing Manager, Lifestyle, Invacare

This side of our business is focused on engaging with our patients’ therapists so this exhibition is key because we get to reach our target audience in one place and at one time. It allows us to showcase our range of equipment to all the people that we should be in front of. We have been extremely busy on the stand – I think it’s helped being close to the entrance and we’ve had lots of support from CloserStill with our marketing campaigns to drive communication and traffic to our stand. 

A combination of direct mailing and coverage in the newsletters worked very well. The team has worked with us closely to ensure we maximise the impact of our communications. 

We’re seeing all the right people from very senior OTs right the way through to students so that mix is perfect. 

We find that for this side of the business it’s ideal to get in front of target audiences – The Occupational Therapy Show is where to come for OTs. It’s very much about looking at the specialist areas and making sure we’re seeing the right people with the right products. 

We’ll absolutely be back next year!

James Dadd, Marketing Director, AKW

It is fantastic to offer a day or two for OTs to come to an event like this. We must see at least 500 OTs on our stand each day – I mean you can see it now, lots of people looking around and lots of conversations. You get great feedback from the visitors too. They can talk about product design and about the challenges they have within their own environments which allows us to go off and innovate on what we do or to react based on their comments. It’s a great lead-generator opportunity for us. It makes a lot of sense!

Joanne McConnell, Category Sales Manager Mobility, Etac R82

Our theatre session was packed – we needed a bigger space. People have come over to the stand after the presentation which has been really good. Presenting here is better than at other shows because of the quality of the sessions and the quality of the audience coming to listen. I’ve had fantastic feedback and everyone has been really positive. It is worth putting the effort into a presentation as it goes down so well. It is 99% OTs so you know you can gear your talk to the right audience. 

There’s never a time when there’s no people on the stand either. We’re very pleased with how it’s all gone – thank you! Shows have to be able to give you good return on investment and we already have a folder full of leads to follow up on.

Matt Farrar, Retail Operations Manager, HSL Chairs

This is a fantastic arena for us as we are retailers and normally very much focused on the end user. We have 58 stores, and 15 hubs that cater for consultations so in order for us to tap into these kind of new sectors is unknown and really exciting for us. I’m hoping after this year, we can start pushing a little harder into this space, make a bigger effort with the stand and have a larger presence. 

Here you know that 99% of the time you are going to be meeting with OTs, which is not the case at other events. 

The conversations we’ve had here are very engaging. Geographically, we’ve also seen OTs from a very widespread range of locations.

Time is always restricted, particularly with OTs in the NHS as we can’t be recommended as a retailer. This is therefore such a great opportunity for brand exposure and is definitely paying dividend. 

My favourite thing about The Occupational Therapy Show is making sales!

Dave Richards, National Sales Manager, VIDA

The location we’re in is great as we are seeing busy flows of people going in and out of the lectures. This is our first year exhibiting at The Occupational Therapy Show – it was recommended by other colleagues as an up and coming show. Within our annual event timetable this will most likely now replace other shows.

We work predominantly with therapists and we know that’s who we’re going to meet here. We’re here just as much to remind people we’re still around rather than looking for regular new business. 

Kim Parry, Marketing Coordinator, Smirthwaite

We’ve seen more footfall this year, and more people coming onto our stand. We’ve gone for a larger stand this year, so we’ve been able to display a bigger variety of our gear. We’re pleased with the position and it was exciting seeing the stand come together.

We’re seeing a lot of our OTs, new OTs coming into the industry trying to gather information so it’s nice to see them coming over and asking the right questions. 

My favourite things is to see everyone in one place and having the chance to show our whole range.

We’ve pre-booked already for next year!

Liz Lugt, Founder, Movation Leadership

Wow – I didn’t realise that this show was so big! I was surprised by the size of the theatres especially. The event is very well organised – I didn’t have to worry about anything! 

Rebecca Smyth, Marketing, Guldmann

This is the best show for occupational therapists because it is international and you get everyone from around the UK – it is a really great audience. This is the biggest event that we do. It isn’t always about initial ROI, it is just about getting the brand name out there. We find that a lot of people will come here and then have an inquiry maybe a year later – so it is important to get into the delegates' minds that we are around, and this is what we do.

The Occupational Therapy Show is a good base to launch our new products and showcase them properly rather than online channels. Customers can see everything in person here. We don’t have to set up a whole training day to demonstrate either – they can be here for two minutes rather than a whole day.

Kathryn Jackman, Senior Practitioner, Special Yoga Foundation

I thoroughly enjoyed my session – it was amazing to see the turnout! Having a session really helped to attract people back to the stand. We have had a better interest in what we do here than at any other show – we have had people queuing up at our stand waiting to talk to us. It’s just been phenomenal. We’re finding that OTs are coming onto our courses a lot more and using yoga as an extra string to their bow. It’s been amazing to see the interest – we didn’t realise it would be so big. 

We’ve already collected hundreds of emails and it’s only the first morning! We’ve reached a different audience which we would have never have thought of reaching. For us, that is huge! I’m so happy to be here :)

If you want to know more about participating at The Occupational Therapy Show, please contact: Panayiota Sofokli on  +44 (0)207 348 4909 or email theotshow@closerstillmedia.com


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