27-28 NOVEMBER 2024

Elegast Monbaliu

Elegast Monbaliu

Chief Clinical Officer CoMoveIT, CoMoveIT NV
Elegast Monbaliu is Professor at KU Leuven University and Chief Clinical Officer CoMoveIT, Belgium. He leads the Neurorehabilitation Technology Lab (NTL Bruges) at the KU Leuven Bruges Campus, Belgium and is renowned for his expertise in measuring and management of complex movement disorders and received several international awards for his research. The teams’ mission is (1) to create the highest independent mobility, (2) to create the highest possible computer access and (3) to optimize objective evaluation of movement disorders in individuals with childhood onset complex movement disorders as cerebral palsy. Research is focused on alternative steering system and wheelchair training and the use of new technologies as eye tracking for computer access and gaming, in children and youth with mild and severe cerebral palsy. He is secretary of the European Academy of Childhood Onset Disabilities (EACD) and president of the 2024 EACD conference Bruges (29/05-01/06/2024) He is co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of CoMoveIT. This KU Leuven spin-off launched the CoMoveIT SMART: a unique head-foot steering system for your powered wheelchair and the first that automatically adapts to the end-user.

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