27-28 NOVEMBER 2024

Catherine Lloyd

Catherine Lloyd

TEDx Speaker, Resilience Speaker and Author, Make The Change with Cath Lloyd.
Cath Lloyd, a renowned British TEDx Speaker, accomplished life coach, and author, is the driving force behind Make The Change. With her highly acclaimed book "When Dad Became Joan" and a second release on the horizon, Cath's personal growth journey has been truly remarkable. From battling shyness and low confidence during her student years to emerging as a confident and empowered individual, Cath is determined to share her voice, ideas, thoughts, and emotions with the world. Cath's career began as a ceramics teacher in adult education, but it was her transformative experiences teaching within a male prison for 14 years that shifted her perspective on life. The catalyst for further change came when her father made the courageous decision to undergo gender reassignment treatment. These events opened Cath's eyes to the intricacies of life and family dynamics. In 2017, Cath faced a life-altering challenge when her son suffered a devastating neck injury that left him tetraplegic. This experience led Cath to focus on supporting families in their journey toward restoring happiness after a difficult change. Drawing from her own experiences, Cath's compassionate approach helps families find solace, put an end to their sadness, and regain tranquillity and confidence, enabling them to lead fulfilled lives. Overall, Cath Lloyd offers unique insights through a compassionate approach that resonates with individuals and families seeking positive change. Through her writing, public speaking engagements, and media appearances, Cath empowers others to find happiness and confidence while emphasizing the significance of self-honesty and effective communication.

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