27-28 NOVEMBER 2024

Amanda Griffiths

Amanda Griffiths

Lived Expert Practitioner, British Psychological Society Division of Clinival Psychology Power Threat Meaning Framework Committee
Amanda is a formidable trauma survivor and activist who advocates for non-medical alternatives to the more traditional ways of thinking about human suffering. After enduring years of iatrogenic harm and institutional abuse grounded in the epistemic injustice of a pathologising label that obscured the origins of her anguish, Amanda successfully challenged the medicalisation of her distress freeing her from the subjugation of the psychiatric system. Amanda’s subsequent self-determined use of The Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF) liberated her to claim autonomous control of her life and make new meanings to her circumstances independent of oppressive systems that imposed pre-constructed narratives of character deficits and mental illness. Amanda now draws on this life changing experience of transformative justice as a Lived Expert Practitioner member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) Power Threat Meaning Framework Committee. In collaboration with professional and lived expert colleagues, Amanda contributes to the ongoing co-development of the PTMF project, and she also provides PTMF training both nationally and internationally.

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