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Who are Rehabilitate Therapy?

Rehabilitate Therapy is a family business in every sense of the term. We do absolutely what you would expect from an Independent Occupational Therapy Assessment and Rehabilitation service in terms of high-quality occupational therapy that is resolutely goal focussed and client centred. This echoes through all of our ways of working - people, systems, and processes. We enthusiastically go even further than that both in our warm, friendly approach and also additional aspects to our service which really make us different.

Scope wise our referrals are wide ranging and in addition to our very strong team of assessment and rehabilitation OTs (who typically cover key areas of neuro, orthopaedic, and polytrauma) we have specific teams working, for example Housing and Adapts, Pain, Hand / Plastics. Rehabilitate Therapy is very much a rehabilitation service, and we want to work with OTs that enthusiastically embrace this. We also have a growing OT Support Team (often OT students) working with our OTs to ensure we can offer a more cost-effective and also productive approach to progressing rehabilitation goals.

We are very focussed on simplifying things (to ensure we focus upon what is important) and therefore are extremely easy and responsive to work for, and to work with, from the very first contact and enquiry, and all the way through our intervention, reporting, and general communications.  This personality of our business resonates through our OTs, OT Support Team, administration and management. The experience clients, referrers, and also our OTs and OT Support Team have of us is of primary importance and we are always focussed and reflective to ensure we develop positive and long-lasting  relationships.

Dr Kate Heward (Clinical Director) and Dr Phil Crowther (Business Director), who own Rehabilitate Therapy Ltd, work very fully and actively in the business driving it forward and ensuring it remains exactly what it intends to be.  It’s a friendly, informal, and committed business to work in and with.

Why are we at the OT Show?

Well, we are always recruiting as there is considerable and growing demand but beyond that there is a bigger conversation, we are keen to have.  Working, already, with over 40 OTs, we appreciate and empathise that stepping into independent practice can be accompanied by some apprehension and feels a very different world.  We have, therefore, begun to develop content to help you explore, learn and guide you through the world of independent practice as an Option Too for OTs. 

Therefore, we generally want to facilitate the independent OT conversation and explain how this is an Option Too.  Beyond that we are always keen to talk to occupational therapists who are not only experienced but also share our passions for being ‘the OT they trained to be’. Although we operate in the independent sector, and that might conjure images of working alone,  we have a great team ethos and atmosphere – with talented, passionate, and progressive OTs.

Our recruitment process is very informal and conversational, and we are more than happy for you to chat to one or more of our existing OTs to get a really revealing perspective about working with Rehabilitate Therapy.  To make this even easier we are doing on-stand education sessions on the hour every hour, allowing OT’s to have small group introductions and discussions about being an Independent OT, we therefore, invite you to join the independent conversation!

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