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  Do you want wide spread acknowledgement for your work?
       Do you want you and your team recognised as front-runners in the OT profession?


poster zone
post zone

Following on from the success of the 2018 Poster Zone at the Show, the organisers of The Occupational Therapy Show are delighted to announce its return for 2019. 

The Poster Zone will be located on the exhibition floor and will display posters submitted by OT professionals from NHS Trusts, private health care, local authorities and many more. We will also welcome a limited number of industry colleague applications. The posters will showcase work, both completed and on-going.

The Poster Zone will continue to celebrate and provide a format for individuals and teams within the OT profession to share best practice and network with colleagues from across the UK. Poster entries are open to all sectors of OT irrespective of career level or place of work. Entries will be accepted from OT professionals from NHS Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, private health care, prisons and care homes, plus many more.



Accepted Posters will be displayed over the two days in The Poster Zone located on the exhibition floor. There will be four sessions in 2019 with work displayed in each session:

  • Session A: Wednesday 10:15 – 11:15 
  • Session B: Wednesday 14:00 – 15:00
  • Session C: Thursday 10:15 – 11:15
  • Session D: Thursday 14:00 – 15:00
Dedicated viewing times are for 60 minutes, however each poster will have the opportunity to be displayed for 120 minutes on either Wednesday or Thursday if you wish to do this. Presenters are asked to be present for the duration of the 60 minute session they are selected for. 

For presenters:

Please see the guidance document here for your planning purposes.

In case you haven’t designed a poster before, we have put together a template for that you are free to use if you wish.

Click here to see the template.

Please note that is not a mandatory template for The Occupational Therapy Show. Feel free to use your creativity, it is welcomed! But remember posters should be portrait in design.

The poster zone abstract submission is now open! Submission Form

Deadline date is Friday 11th October 2019.

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