The Paediatric Trail

The Paediatric Trail


On the 21st & 22nd November 2018, The Paediatric Trail returned to The Occupational Therapy Show.

If your specialist area is in paediatrics, or this is an area of interest, then this is for you! Below, you will find an action packed programme full of relevant CPD
opportunities, as well as an exhibitor list dedicated to paediatric products and services. 

By visiting the seminars and exhibitors you will gain greater exposure to all the latest learning, products, services and technologies on the paediatric market, enabling you to provide a more enhanced service to your clients. 

The Paediatric Trail seminar list

  1. Keynote Theatre
    45 mins
    • Paediatrics
    Traditional approaches to treating spasticity are not as effective in preventing secondary complications in severely disabled neurological patients or patients in care homes. There are two possible re ...
  2. Theatre 2
    45 mins
    • Paediatrics
    The Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy programme is a fun and clinically effective way of using magic to improve physical and mental health for people with hemiplegia and a range of conditions.
  3. Theatre 1
    30 mins
    • Equipment Services
    • Paediatrics
    'Research shows that giving disabled children the right equipment at the right time reduces pain, prevents conditions worsening, increases treatment success, improves the quality of life for the child ...
  4. Theatre 1
    30 mins
    • Paediatrics
    This presentation will explore the evidence base for using martial arts as a treatment technique for children with special educational needs. In addition to providing feedback of the pre & post outcom ...
  5. Theatre 3
    30 mins
    • Paediatrics
    Awareness of sensory needs is paramount within any inpatient population. Evidence suggests that using a sensory based approach reduces the use of restrictive practice such as PRN medication and seclus ...
  6. Keynote Theatre
    45 mins
    • Paediatrics
    This presentation will explore why combining being occupation centred, setting goals and using a child and family centred approaches are essential to delivering high quality services. Occupational the ...
  7. Theatre 2
    45 mins
    • Paediatrics
    This seminar looks at motor development, both in terms of milestones and the early signs of impaired motor development. Its moves on to review posture and why we need specialist equipment for children ...
  8. Theatre 3
    30 mins
    • Paediatrics
    We work in an inspiring and diverse borough in the East End of London.  We work with a varied caseload of children each of whom are unique in their own way.  As a team we work hard to ensure children ...
  9. Theatre 2
    30 mins
    • Mental Health
    • Paediatrics
    Young people suffering from an eating disorder may find many activities that others may take for granted difficult – eating meals out, having snacks with friends, attending parties, to name but a few. ...
  10. Theatre 2
    30 mins
    • Paediatrics
    Life Skills coaching is delivered by occupational therapists working with young disabled people to facilitate optimum functional achievement. However, little is known about the life skills based perce ...
  11. Keynote Theatre
    45 mins
    • Paediatrics
    Understands  • The developmental risk of preterm birth and why preterm children are referred to occupational therapy. • How early intervention capitalises on neuroplasticity. • Key impact points for e ...

The Paediatric Trail exhibitor list

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