Has the OT in you got untapped potential?


Has the OT in you got untapped potential?

25 Nov 2021
Showcase Theatre

All coming from statutory services, our OTs are excited to share how their leap into private practice has allowed their daily jobs to be re-inspired and re-enthused beyond all their expectations! Now free to use every aspect of their OT training and knowledge, we will share how we are showcasing the impact and potential of the role of OT, whilst transforming the lives of severely and catastrophically injured people. We aim to inspire you to do the same! Hear how Think Therapy 1st are putting functional OT on the map!

Aimee Crane, Head of Clinical Services & Deputy Director of Operations - Think Therapy 1st
Emma Roddis, Deputy Head of Clinical Services & Neuro Specialist - Think Therapy 1st
Natasha Bruce-Jones, Clinical Director - Think Therapy 1st

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