Exhibitor Product Launches 2018

Exhibitor Product Launches 2018

NRS Healthcare

EasyFit Plus Bed Rail – all new, next generation bed rail

jNRS Healthcare are thrilled to launch the EasyFit Plus Bed Rail at the OT Show 2018!

This support rail is compatible with all domestic bed types (slatted/solid base divan/sprung divan) – even on profiling divans, and is easier and quicker to fit than other versions available in the market.

Unique clamps slide quickly into position under the bed to secure it in place easily, with no tools or straps required. The wide, low base plate and splayed legs ensures stability, and it stores flat when not in use.

1With a strong construction, the weight capacity is 25st (160kg) and there are two versions – standard height or tall, to suit different clients.

Pop along to stand C31 for a demo of the EasyFit Bed Rail, or attend one of our on-stand education sessions to learn more and obtain a CPD certificate (running at 10.15am / 12.15pm / 2.15pm every day).

Duo Walking Trolley

The Duo is a household trolley and walking aid in one, designed in conjunction with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. The Duo can be safely used as an indoor walking aid unlike conventional household trolleys, which are mostly used to transfer things around the home, but are not designed to bear the user’s weight.

4The Duo can be used by people who have mobility problems and need walking support, due to its innovative rear slider/brake feet. The Duo has been redesigned for 2018, to ensure longevity and increase the quality of the slider feet. To use the trolley, simply push along at your usual pace, and to stop the trolley moving, all that’s required is a gentle press down onto the handles, which activates the slider/brake feet and stops the movement. The use of two slider/brake feet and two wheels, ensures the Duo glides well on most household surfaces, but is easier to control and will not ‘run away’ from the user or go to fast for them. It’s a really safe, stylish indoor trolley and mobility aid option. It comes in pebble grey or turquoise blue. The Duo safely transfer meals and household items, and is also useful as a meal table.

Visit the NRS Healthcare stand for a demonstration, or contact info@nrshealthcare.co.uk

The return of Ways & Means from NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare are launching their brand new Ways and Means catalogue at The OT Show! Designed for customers wishing to buy their own equipment, the catalogue features 300 of NRS’s best-selling daily living aids. The catalogues are ideal for prescribers such as Occupational Therapists, to carry around with them to give out to their clients who need to self-fund.

Commercial Director at NRS Healthcare, Steve Kennedy, said:

“In the past few years, we’ve really focussed on building our online presence, improving our retail website to ensure people who want to buy online can do so easily and quickly. However, we’re aware that lots of our clients still prefer to use a mail order catalogue over buying online, so we’ve produced a new A5 booklet under our Ways and Means brand for them! Naturally, we can only include a selection of the vast range of 3000 daily living aids that we offer online, but our team of Occupational Therapist product advisors have carefully selected the most popular products, to suit a variety of needs and provide a number of mobility and living solutions. Our customer research suggested that busy pages were more confusing for our audience, so we’ve redesigned the catalogue to feature fewer products whilst still offering enough choice to suit lots of people’s varied needs. We’re also featuring lots of helpful health and wellbeing tips, as well as advice on how to choose certain daily living aids. Customers can order via telephone, postal order form or online at www.nrshealthcare.co.uk.”

Ways and Means catalogues are available to pre-order by telephoning NRS Customer Services on 0345 121 8111 or emailing customerservice@nrshealthcare.co.uk

Easy Medical Devices (EZMD)

Easy Medical Devices (EZMD) are delighted to be attending The OT Show 2018 on stand B38 & introduce the UK OT community to our unique range of innovative self aid devices which are designed to help  solve some of the daily challenges experienced by people with reduced mobility or disability.

Started in the Netherlands in 2010 by lead engineer and company founder, Leon van de Werve, we develop devices for the effortless application and removal of compression stockings and portable transfer systems for wheelchair users for the car and the home.  Our devices have been recommended for use to patients by a huge number of OT's in the Netherlands and we are now officially launching our range within the UK and Ireland. Our mission is to help to restore personal independence to individuals and to offer a helping hand to those who provide personal care and assistance to others.

Compression Stocking Application and Removal Aids

1In the UK alone there are about 3/4 million people who fight to get their compression stockings on and off everyday. It is not an easy task and many people have to rely on others such as friends or private medical staff to assist them. We believed there should be a better way to do this and have developed a number of unique solutions to the problem regardless of whether you are an individual user or a care giver.

Our range of Compression Stocking Application and Removal Aids includes;

  • EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®On - The world's only electrically powered device for quick and easy application of compression stockings . Designed for carers and end users who find it challenging to manage the daily effort of putting on 6256difficult to use compression stockings.
  • EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®Off – An innovative electrically powered device for quick and easy removal of compression stockings . Designed for carers and end users who find it challenging to manage the daily effort of removing difficult to use compression stockings.
  • EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®Stand - An accompaniment to the EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®On,  it is recommended for those with reduced mobility, people who can not lift their legs easily and people who may lack the full use of a hand or arm

Portable Transfer Systems for Wheelchair Users

T13here are over 1 million wheelchair users in the UK, for whom transport is an absolute necessity.  Traditional automotive wheelchair systems require complex and irreversible modifications to a vehicle and limits wheelchair users to the use of only one car.  We set out to solve that problem by designing a system which can be used in any car without any modification.  The only limitation is there must be space in the boot for a wheelchair. Additional accessories enable further uses around the house.

Our range of Portable Transfer Systems for Wheelchair Users includes;

  • 568EZ-Lift®300E – Weighing only 12 kilograms, the portable EZ-Lift®300E can transfer wheelchair users of up to 120 kilos from their wheelchair to a car passenger seat.  The system can be installed in almost any car in around 2 minutes and requires no modification to the vehicle.  The device can be carried in the boot of any car until it is needed. A range of optional adapters allow this device to also be used around the home.
  • EZ-Lift® Sleep adapter - This adapter allows you to use the EZ-Lift® as a wheelchair to bed transfer system.
  • EZ-Lift® At home adapter - This adapter allows you to use the EZ-Lift®  as a wheelchair to regular chair transfer system.

The Able Label

Front Fastening Velcro Bra

4Previously only available in popper fastening, The Able Label now brings you a front fastening bra with secure Velcro closures. With all the same key features as before including comfortable non-wire unpadded support, great shaping, padded shoulder straps and smooth cotton lining – the Velcro bra is for anyone with reduced movement and poor finger dexterity or lack of strength making popper or hook and eye fastenings difficult. The Velcro version makes fastening bras independently much quicker, easier and safer. The bra is eligible for VAT exemption and comes in white and black colours from sizes 32 B/C – 44 D/DD.

Front Fastening Velcro Bra

£36 (£30 ex VAT)

Pressure Care Management

Vikta KomfiTilt

The Vikta KomfiTilt™ Patient Lateral Tilting System is a unique and innovative in-bed system which automatically repositions people for pressure ulcer and pain prevention, reducing the involvement of care staff.  Compatible with 3 & 4 section profiling beds in conjunction with most mattresses. The KomfiTilt™ tilts the client gently from side to side whilst in bed, without initiating a roll, and can be used day or night to provide pressure re-distribution.  This automated “turning regime” helps to reduce stress and strain on care staff, family members and the client, whilst its gentle, silent and regular motion helps to promote undisturbed sleep



The KomfiTilt’s unique 22° balancing supportive cyclical motion removes the shearing forces that can be caused by artificially holding a person static on a slope for a fixed time.

With single button operation the KomfiTilt is simple to deploy, set up and operate. It is used for people being cared for in Hospitals, care homes, hospices as well as people being looked after in their own home.

The KomfiTilt™ is a cost-effective solution for repositioning people that are living with long-term degenerative conditions such as Huntington’s, MND or Cerebral palsy, as well as people who have suffered a trauma which has impair their mobility whilst in bed (e.g. stroke, paralysis, coma).

Hospice staff find the gentle unobtrusive balancing movement of the KomfiTilt™ a great help for people receiving palliative care, allowing them to be moved regularly without sleep intrusion nor compromising their dignity.

Pressure Care Management invite you to visit Stand J41 for a demonstration of The KomfiTilt.

Body Pressure Mapping

Our Technology Deep know-how applied to reality

Patented technology to make smart Sensing Mats

lThe patented technology from BPM in which the Sensing Mats Platform is based, is a unique combination of the most advanced available materials of electronic inks and pastes which are flexible, elastic and can be printed on materials with special surface preparations. They are used to construct complex passive and active electronic systems. The technologies are based on organic printed electronics. This makes our products literally thousands of pounds less than our competitors as they use longer and more time and cost consuming manufacturing techniques.

BPM can be integrated in any type of material or other technologies under exclusive or shared license. The technology can be applied by using completely standard weaving, printing, lamination and impregnation techniques which maintain the original properties of the material such as the flexibility, elasticity, comfort and the possibility to be washed.

Main Competitive Advantages

With a fast moving technology we are constantly updating our software and systems. Once you have purchased the hardware be it a mattress system or equestrian system etc, your own dedicated team here at BPM will help you install and explain any new developments that you may have received. This can be from a new recording file to new applications such as breathing monitoring or blood flow, to saddle positioning to changes in pressure impact in fitness applications.


Applications for our seating and mattress system are such as the following but many more applications we are sure we can design. Pressure area monitoring, Pu’s, shearing, blood flow monitoring, breathing patterns, fall monitoring, movement monitoring plus many more

Ergochair - 


Although we are all different shapes and sizes, we tend to distribute our weight on a chair in similar proportions, but levels of pressure and intensity can vary from person to person. While the seat of a chair typically carries most of our weight, the more we recline, the more of our weight is transferred to the backrest. 


Under pressure?

Posture is important when it comes to healthy sitting, it has a direct effect on how weight is distributed. Small postural alterations can have a massive impact on weight distribution and, in turn, pressure. For example, medical experts advise that sitting on even something as innocent as a small wallet in a back pocket, may seem harmless, but can have severe consequences making you sit off-centre causing uneven loading and increased pressure. When you add in more complex seating needs and disabilities, the problem becomes even more… pressing! (sorry)

Good weight distribution in a chair focuses peak pressure under the sitting bones in upright postures and in the lumbar and thoracic areas in more reclined postures.

So, the solution is to achieve a wide, even distribution of weight across the backrest and seat. We can do this by customising the chair to an individual’s specific pressure signature.

The easiMap software

We have to know where the pressure points are, and they will be unique to each person, depending on their posture. Fortunately, we now have the technology to do precisely this.

easiMap scanning

Highly sophisticated pads determine how much pressure is being exerted on each area of the chair; the seat and the backrest.

easiMap prescription

This data is captured in ‘real time’ and is then interpreted by the custom-made software to link with our easiSpec® tool, so that we can create a unique chair prescription. From this prescription we are able to design and build a chair that directly relieves the crucial areas of pressure for the user.

We are the only people to combine this technology, with our expertise and experience in manufacturing custom office chairs.

“Another first for the industry and another first for Ergochair”

A case study

Our client has a lower left leg amputation and he has a prosthetic limb. 

During his personal assessment using easiMap we discovered that his weight was being distributed very unevenly across the seat surface.

The initial scan showed us that the pressure was heavily loaded on one side (Fig1). 

However, there was very little contact in the thigh area, so the pressure was concentrated on the sit bones on the left side. Incredibly, the easiMap software indicated that this area of pressure was off the measureable scale at +200mmHg.

custom made solution

Using layers of various sculpting foams, and inflatable air cells, we were able develop and rescan, and refine and perfect, until we were able to create and build a unique chair that alleviated this uneven distribution of pressure.

Come and try it out for yourself – Visit us on Stand C42


Introducing the Pebbell 2 - a discreet personal alarm and locating device for use in and away from the home. It connects your clients to our team of friendly, reassuring advisors at any time day, or night when assistance is needed. With the option to have the device monitored by family and friends, it’s a tailorable solution for offering your clients the reassurance they need. Centra has been helping people nationwide to live independently for over 30 years.

Pebbell 2 features and functions:

 i       5                                                

Want to learn more? Come and see us on stand M28 for live demonstrations.

Visit https://www.centragroup.org.uk/centra_services_and_products/telecare/individuals/our_products/sos-watch-elderly/pebbell-2-rent/ or call us on 0300 456 3599

Consolor Ltd

RelaXa Seating

The importance of good postural support often gets overlooked when relaxing. During our research we learned that one major factor the acceptance of how the equipment looks within the home environment.

wWe believe we have been successful in combining precise postural support with a product that looks great.

The RelaXa seating system is available in 4 sizes for both children and adults, with each size offering generous levels of adjustment for accurate positioning and longevity.

Key Features

  • Vertical backrest pockets to allow customisation for trunk asymmetry.
  • Pre-Ischial shelf within the cushion for improved pelvic positioning and stability.
  • Adjustable thoracic supports
  • Backrest recline & tilt in space for added comfort
  • Height adjustable office chair base with lockable rotation feature
  • Powered High low base option
  • Angle adjustable footrest option with soft bean bag support
  • Compatible with all Consolor headrests & harnessing for added control

Relaxing in style and comfort whilst maintaining a good posture has never been so easy.

KYEON Headrest

3Introducing the KYEON modular head and neck support solution, providing tuneable postural support to the head, neck and chin in an adjustable combination of posterior, lateral and anterior supports.

The anterior shoulder/neck supports are adjustable relative to the head support in all directions. The system can be set up and fine-tuned to provide just the right amount of support and to future proof it, to grow and adjust to suit the client’s changing support requirements.

4The shoulder/neck supports fold up out the way to allow access and transfers. Where other similar supports fold directly up and rub past the ears, which can make removal difficult and uncomfortable. KYEON’s shoulder supports are independent of each other and fold up at an angle of 45 degrees, clearing the ears, hence, you can now….. Keep Your Ears On, as well as your head up

Starfish Hygiene Seat

The new Starfish shower and toilet seat provides unrivalled adjustability and support over all other modular hygiene seats. The Starfish boasts the following key features:

  •  13 sizes
  • Individual leg supports angle & depth adjustable to accommodate abducted, adducted, windswept and leg length discrepancy
  • Precise positioning and support for the client’s trunk with the angle, width and height adjustable thoracic supports.
  • Back angle adjustment to accommodate fixed hip flexion/extension with attendant operated recline function
  • Tilt in Space feature allows an upright position for using the toilet or a tilted position for a comfortable and relaxing shower
  • Height adjustable - manual, hydraulic or powered
  • Waterproof conforming lining covers the whole seat surface for maximum comfort and support

Custom Contoured In-situ Transfer slings

dConsolor custom contoured in-situ slings are designed to suit each individual’s body contours and anatomical position to be “part of their seat”. When moulding for a custom contoured seat we digitally scan a person’s body shape to create a seat that supports, accommodates and corrects posture, to achieve the best position and maximise comfort……Now these same goals can be achieved within the moving and handling sling.

Consolor now offers slings that match clients’ body contours as well as promoting appropriate postural positioning within the sling. This facilitates, easier transfers and precise positioning into a custom contoured seat


Rotoflex 235 Plus

4The NEW Rotoflex 235 Plus is a 3ft wide rotational solution that suits a wide variety of conditions and mobility requirements. As Theraposture’s new popular standard solution, the Rotoflex 235 Plus provides appropriate assistance for many without the need for complex bespoke adaptations. Following suitability approval by our Trusted Assessors, the new Rotoflex 235 Plus is the ideal and considered choice for individuals who sleep alone and require support when getting in and out bed. 

The Rotoflex 235 Plus will move and rotate a user from a recumbent to fully upright seated position with the touch of one button. Encompassing detailed design and engineering that has been continually refined over 20 years, the Rotoflex 235 Plus represents the safe and considered choice. It includes Theraposture’s vertical lift in the seated position, which is regarded as one of the safest methods to support a sit-to-stand transfer. The Rotoflex 235 Plus is available with a beech finish, the new powered rising heel support as standard and a multitude of specialist mattress choices. 

2As with all Rotoflex beds, this model is based on the original and trusted design developed by Theraposture. No other turning bed system will deliver the same level of performance, comfort and safety to people with neurological conditions – delivering assured independence with peace of mind. It is a leading solution that is proven to save up to £27,000 per annum in care costs when carers are reduced from two-to-none. Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor comments: “I have worked with a significant number of clients who experience difficulties with bed transfers. I am confident that the Rotoflex is the most appropriate intervention available in meeting their needs and allowing participation in activities of daily living.”


NEW: Optional powered rising heel support for Theraposture Rotoflex beds
The original and trusted Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with the patented powered rising heel support to provide fully supported leg elevation. This pioneering technology from Theraposture provides invaluable relief from circulation, pressure and fluid retention issues. This new feature can only be specified on Rotoflex beds from Theraposture – either within new products or retrofitted to existing models. This innovative feature is supplied as standard on the new Rotoflex 235 Plus.

Active Hands

Small Items Aid

dActive Hands are excited to launch the latest in our portfolio of gripping aids: the Small Items Aid.  This versatile and simple solution is ideal for gripping small items such as toothbrushes, pens, art equipment, make up brushes and much more.

The Small Items Aid is a 2-part product.  The first part consists of a neoprene glove.  As with all Active Hands products, the straps on this can be tightened using plastic rings, even with little or no finger strength.  The second part is a palm pad, which contains a plastic clamp.  This clamp is used to hold the item in place and is closed by pulling two loops.  The palm pad then Velcros to the glove and you are ready to go.

;This unique design means that items clamped in the palm pad can be placed into the palm at any angle, making a wide range of activities accessible.  People with reduced hand function are able to hold pens upright, a toothbrush sideways or mascara wands at just the right tilt.  It has been used with great success during art classes where participants were able to paint on an easel or use a drawing board in comfort and confidence.

The clamp mechanism can be easily opened and closed to switch between items.  Alternatively, palm pads can be purchased separately, enabling users to pre-load commonly used items and simply switch between the palm pads without having to remove the glove each time.  In this way, the aids can promote greater autonomy in many activities of daily living.

For more information, or to see our full range of gripping solutions, visit our website at www.activehands.com.

Incentive Plus


A new series of six sets of discussion cards to promote mental health and well-being 
By Ester R.A. Leutenberg, John J. Liptak, Carol Butler Cooper & Kathy A. Khalsa

Written by a team of best-selling authors, the Let's Talk About series of discussion cards is designed to enhance mental health and well-being by acknowledging that 'it's good to talk about it.' 

These cards encourage discussion about six 4specific areas:

  • Mindfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger & Aggression
  • Social Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience

Each set contains 50 thought-provoking cards organised into five topics and includes a booklet full of ideas for using the cards. Special Offer Set of 6 £149.95.

About Loggerhead Publishing

A publisher of therapeutic resources focusing on mental health, well-being, behavioural, social and emotional skills. These include practical photocopiable manuals, discussion cards & posters.

For further information please visit: www.loggerheadpublishing.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1604 870828                                                                            


Multi-sensory meets deep pressure therapy

7-in-1 Portable Kozy Lounger

Sensorykraft’s ultimate portable sensory solution combining the benefits of multi-sensory and deep pressure therapy

Key Features

.• Easily portable

• Calming & interactive modes

• Learn cause and effect and switching skills

• Suitable for children, adults & elderly

• Enjoy deep pressure therapy from weighted shoulder and lap pads

• UV bamboo style fibre optics provide tactile stimulation

• Light tube enables visual and colour recognition

• Bluetooth sound system and vibration plates provide audio stimulation, vibration and music therapy

• Amazon Alexa compatible

• Wipe-clean surfaces

The Kozy lounger provides an ideal safe-haven for any user, of any age, to relax and enjoy. This ‘all-in-one’ product combines comfort and deep pressure therapy whilst encompassing visual, audio and tactile sensory stimulation. The user can choose to enjoy individual or all of the sensory elements at any one time. The calming weight lap and shoulder pads provide deep pressure therapy which is useful for calming the user and preventing ‘melt downs’. The light tube allows interactive control of the colour and modes using the supplied App, suitable for use with smartphones and tablets. The lounger also has an in-built Bluetooth audio and vibration system and UV bamboo fibre-optic strands- adding audio and tactile dynamics to the sensory experience.

This product has discrete in-built wheels which allows it to be fully mobile and easily moved within the room, or into different rooms entirely. What’s more- it can fit through standard doors with ease.

Great for use within schools, care facilities and private homes!

Make any room into a sensory room with the 7-in-1 Portable Kozy Lounger!

Package includes

j• 1x Kozy lounger

• 1x interactive LED tube

• 2x speakers, Bluetooth

sound & vibration system

• Calming weighted lap &

shoulder pads

• 1x UV bamboo fibre optic

strands & LED lightsource

• IOS / Android App

• Lockable wheels

Stream your favourite music direct from your smart phone or tablet.  Choose from a range of calming and interactive colour modes using the IOS / Android App.


NEW CTX Shower & Changing Table

The CTX is the ultimate wall-mounted changing table, combining practical and aesthetic features to support complex daily care.

Astor-Bannerman will be exhibiting the CTX at stand G50, demonstrating its innovative design, which has been developed to provide a comfortable experience for both carer and user.

dThe CTX has a height adjustable design, enabling it to move up and down with ease, depending on the user’s needs. Built with stainless steel parts, the CTX is not only practical but durable within a bathroom or wet room environment, employing a comfortable, padded bed with drain holes and an integrated water tray. Safety and comfort are key to the design of the product, as well as a modern appearance which fits in seamlessly within a variety of settings.

‘The CTX is a contemporary design, using the best materials and components. It is the result of 3 years research and development, working closely with customers, new and existing suppliers. It is just the beginning with several new products coming to market in the next two to three years’- Anthony Kilgarriff, Sales Director

Click here to find out more about the CTX: https://www.astorbannerman.co.uk/product/ctx-wall-mounted-electric-shower-and-changing-table/

Your Mobility Org


Encompassed within the design of all our products is the necessity for good positioning. The ultimate comfort technology helps us lead the way and the incorporation of the latest pressure care materials offer an unparalleled range of pressure care seating systems.  At the show visitors will be able to see our new Chelsea range of manual and electronic chairs

  • Manually operatedchair
  • Tilt in Space
  • Portability
  • Easy Clean
  • Multi Adjustable
  • Independent Leg Rest
  • Posture Kit
  • Max. User Weight: 120kg (18.8 st.)
  • Chair Weight 35kg
  • Delivery – normally within 72 hours of order

Chelsea Electric

  • lElectrical operation
  • Tilt in Space
  • Portability
  • Easy Clean
  • Multi Adjustable
  • Independent Leg Rest
  • Posture Kit
  • Max. User weight: 120kg (18.8 st.)
  • Chair weight  45kg
  • Delivery – normally within 72 hours of order

PPP Taking Care

From your hands to oursa

Help your clients recuperate in their own home with our new Home & Well Service.

A unique service that’s ideal for those leaving hospital, are vulnerable, or just like to know help is always there. What’s more, we’ll offer the first six weeks completely FREE of charge.

  • 24/7 Personal Alarm Service
  • 24/7 Medical Support Line
  • Medication Information Service
  • Home & Well Check Calls

For more information, call us on 0800 121 4534, or visit www.ppptakingcare.co.uk


Invacare Soft Tilt

The brand-new Invacare® Soft Tilt™ is a unique and innovative in-bed system designed to automatically reposition clients for pressure ulcer prevention, as well as support care staff with moving and handling.  bedCompatible with Invacare’s SB755, high specification community nursing bed the Soft Tilt can be programmed to turn the client gently from side to side whilst in bed and can be used day or night to provide pressure re-distribution.  This automated “turning regime” helps to save time for care staff and with a silent and vibration free operation helps to promote undisturbed sleep.  

The manual operation is ideal to support single carer working environments.  With the touch of a button the wings can elevate up to 60⁰ allowing easy access for in bed re-positioning, sling and slide sheet application as well as personal care.  The system can also help protect carers whilst moving larger users.  

Watch the video on the Invacare® Soft tilt™ here: https://bit.ly/2CkgJub

The Soft Tilt will be available for demonstration on Invacare’s stand H30.

The Invacare ScanBeta

In an exciting new addition to their bed range, Invacare is pleased to announce the launch of the ScanBetaNG paediatric bed.

Perfect for children aged 3 to 12 years old, the Invacare ScanBetaNG combines safety and comfort to deliver a highly cost-effective solution for community and residential care environments.  The ScanBetaNG has a beech finish and can be configured with a selection of 800mm high sides, which include sliding bars, as well as folding bar or perspex panels, to help meet the needs of the child.

Available in 2 mattresscot platform sizes in 700mm wide x 1600mm long and 800mm wide x 1800mm long, this paediatric bed has been designed with safety as a priority and has been rigorously tested to meet the stringent Nordic Requirement Specifications1.

Read more about the Invacare® Scan Beta® here: https://bit.ly/2PINL9n

Follow the ‘Paediatric trail’ to Stand H30 for a demonstration.

Karma Mobility  


The VIP2 is the latest addition to the Karma Mobility portfolio of manual wheelchairs and offers users a superb combination of tilt in space and reclining positions to ensure they can achieve optimum levels of pressure relief, positioning and comfort at all times

The VIP2 still has 35 degree tilt and now comes with either a backrest with fixed recline positions or and adjustable reclining back of 30 degrees. The recline angle of the fixed backrest is adjustable from -5 degrees to 15 degrees.

imThe VIP2 comes with an adjustable headrest with a greater range of options in terms of position. Other enhancements include a deeper seat for taller users and a tension adjustable backrest which were very popular options on the VIP-515.

Karma Mobility believes in listening to its retailers and customers, and one concern many users of reclining wheelchairs have is the risk of sliding.  This has been addressed by locating the pivot point of the chair close to the user’s hip joint which synchronises with the motion of the body and the chair therefore greatly reducing the sensation of sliding when reclining.im

The feeling of anxiousness some users have when going to the tilt position has also been taken into account with the design of a unique weight shifting system.  The system allows the centre of gravity to travel between the front and rear wheels while tilting which provides steadier balance and greater feeling of security.

The foldable design of the VIP2 also ensures it can be easily transported in the boot of most standard family sized cars.

For more information on the full range of manual and powered wheelchairs or to find  your nearest Karma Mobility retailer visit: www.karmamobility.co.uk/where-to-buy or call 0845 630 3436.

Pharmaouest Industries 

Phamaouest Preventix - POZ in Form

Our POZ IN FORM positioning aids are made of visco-elastic fibre. They come in different shapes with 2 different CRIB5 and water-resistant covers: Lenzing & Pharpozmatex. They can be washed at 95°c for infection control. This range is very good for positioning, post operation and pressure care use. They come in a transport bag and a paediatric range is also available!

Type POZ IN FORM on YouTube and you’ll find out more about the complete range!


HMS Vilgo - Euro'Design

The Euro’Design bed comes in both single and dual action and includes a HiLow funtion. It is a modern domestic bed with rehab features. It is suitable for patients moving back home from hospitals who are looking for a bed with the same features as nursing beds such as electrical backrest & leg section, knee break and height adjustment. Twin profiling beds are a solution for those who need a nursing bed but do not wish to be separated from their partner.

Type Euo’Design on YouTube and you’ll find out more!


Innov'sa - Cocoon

The Cocoon is a great combination between hospital and domestic chairs. It combines the look and comfort of a regular chair with the functionality and versatility of a more technical recliner. It also has swing away and removable armrests as standard for side transfers. It comes with a single or dual motor and in a bariatric version. It is made in cooconFrance with British parts, it therefore offers also comfort and reliability!

Type Cocoon on YouTube and you’ll find out more!

Healthcare Matters

The Novacorr Huntington’s Bed and Chair have been developed with Occupational Therapists in the Wesley Neurological Unit in Melbourne, Australia. The products were developed to remove the risk of injury through impact or entrapment and to create a safe space to sleep, or to sit. The products also provide increased comfort and a dignified solution.


A fully adjustable profiling bed with electrically controlled side rails. The bed has a unique positioning system, and that combined with a safe bedsleeping environment has a calming effect on the choric movements. Although designed with Huntington’s Disease in mind, the bed is proving successful with other conditions such as ABI, epilepsy, athetoid cerebral palsy and many more.

CGI video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o05w9iyrDBI



The chair has a unique actionchair and design which provides comfort and safety to the client whilst also making repositioning, transfers and feeding more convenient for care support workers. The chair is designed in a way which offers durability of product.

Pressalit Care

Matrix Medium

Pressalit Care will be launching a brand new height adjustable wash basin at the OT Show, it is called Matrix Medium.

Matrix Medium is part of the Matrix range of wash basins. Matrix Medium has a unique design with concealed plumbing to improve hygiene and provide better access underneath the basin for wheelchairs. Matrix Medium has integrated operating buttons for ease of use. The wash basin includes rounded hand grips for a comfortable and secure hold along with an inward curving front edge to assist seated users get in close. 

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YouTube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6hES_wNfgg

TR Equipment UK Ltd

TR3200 Shower Trolley

trolleyThe TR 3200 battery operated shower trolley has a 200 kg patient weight limit its unique side mounted column allows the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy resident transfers.

The TR3200 height adjustable Shower Trolley is a great solution to prevent back injuries and to minimize static load and offers a safe and ergonomic working environment for the caregiver.

The trolley assists and functions already at the bed side allowing a safe patient transfer onto the trolley. This provides a safe patient handling environment for both the resident and the caregiver.

The TR3200 Shower Trolley can be supplied with either fixed or removable battery packs for either in-situ or remote charging options.


6000 Home Lift

asWe’ll be showcasing our compact 4000 and wheelchair-ready 6000 home lifts, the perfect higher-weight home lift solution for occupational therapists with bariatric or electric wheelchair patients. Our innovative system gives occupational therapists an option for heavier patients up to 410kg, and allows carers to travel with their patients with ease.

Ideal for easy home access up to 6 floors, our 6000 is a quiet, eco-friendly, versatile home lift. Offering enhanced safety with its own shaft, lights, safety edges and battery backup system, the 6000 is safe even with young children and pets. Large platform sizes and up to 410kg capacity mean bariatric and electric wheelchair users and a carer
or attendant can travel in the lift together. The modular system is installed in 2-3 days with no major building works - we even clear up afterwards. Life shouldn't be a compromise - futureproof your home with a Gartec Home Lift and make life simple.

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