Exhibitor Product Launches

TR Equipment UK Ltd - TR3200 Shower Trolley

The TR 3200 battery operated shower trolley has a 200 kg patient weight limit its unique side mounted column allows the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy resident transfers.

The TR3200 height adjustable Shower Trolleytrolley is a great solution to prevent back injuries and to minimize static load and offers a safe and ergonomic working environment for the caregiver.

The trolley assists and functions already at the bed side allowing a safe patient transfer onto the trolley. This provides a safe patient handling environment for both the resident and the caregiver.

The TR3200 Shower Trolley can be supplied with either fixed or removable battery packs for either in-situ or remote charging options.

Neat RF - Jelly bean

  • Easy one touch button to call for help
  • The radio enabled Jelly Bean Switch allows people with manual dexterity to call for help
  • Could be used as a bogus caller button, allowing help to be on hand before allowing someone entry to a property.butt
  • Switch is suitable for people with conditions including Rheumatoid arthritis, MS etc
  • Different mounting solutions are available for all types of situation
  • Device will send Auto low battery alerts when its time to be replaced
  • Available in 4 colours, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow
  • Each colour can send a different type of alert, i.e. Red – I need help, Green – I need the toilet


The VIP2 is the latest addition to the Karma Mobility portfolio of manual wheelchairs and offers users a superb combination of tilt in space and reclining positions to ensure they can achieve optimum levels of pressure relief, positioning and comfort at all times

The VIP2 still has 35 degree tilt and now comes with either a backrest with fixed recline positions or and adjustable reclining back of 30 degrees. The recline angle of the fixed backrest is adjustable from -5 degrees to 15 degrees.

imThe VIP2 comes with an adjustable headrest with a greater range of options in terms of position. Other enhancements include a deeper seat for taller users and a tension adjustable backrest which were very popular options on the VIP-515.

Karma Mobility believes in listening to its retailers and customers, and one concern many users of reclining wheelchairs have is the risk of sliding.  This has been addressed by locating the pivot point of the chair close to the user’s hip joint which synchronises with the motion of the body and the chair therefore greatly reducing the sensation of sliding when reclining.im

The feeling of anxiousness some users have when going to the tilt position has also been taken into account with the design of a unique weight shifting system.  The system allows the centre of gravity to travel between the front and rear wheels while tilting which provides steadier balance and greater feeling of security.

The foldable design of the VIP2 also ensures it can be easily transported in the boot of most standard family sized cars.

For more information on the full range of manual and powered wheelchairs or to find  your nearest Karma Mobility retailer visit: www.karmamobility.co.uk/where-to-buy or call 0845 630 3436.

Phamaouest Preventix - POZ in Form

Our POZ IN FORM positioning aids are made of visco-elastic fibre. They come in different shapes with 2 different CRIB5 and water-resistant covers: Lenzing & Pharpozmatex. They can be washed at 95°c for infection control. This range is very good for positioning, post operation and pressure care use. They come in a transport bag and a paediatric range is also available!

Type POZ IN FORM on YouTube and you’ll find out more about the complete range!


HMS Vilgo - Euro'Design

The Euro’Design bed comes in both single and dual action and includes a HiLow funtion. It is a modern domestic bed with rehab features. It is suitable for patients moving back home from hospitals who are looking for a bed with the same features as nursing beds such as electrical backrest & leg section, knee break and height adjustment. Twin profiling beds are a solution for those who need a nursing bed but do not wish to be separated from their partner.

Type Euo’Design on YouTube and you’ll find out more!


Innov'sa - Cocoon

The Cocoon is a great combination between hospital and domestic chairs. It combines the look and comfort of a regular chair with the functionality and versatility of a more technical recliner. It also has swing away and removable armrests as standard for side transfers. It comes with a single or dual motor and in a bariatric version. It is made in cooconFrance with British parts, it therefore offers also comfort and reliability!

Type Cocoon on YouTube and you’ll find out more!

Healthcare Matters

The Novacorr Huntington’s Bed and Chair have been developed with Occupational Therapists in the Wesley Neurological Unit in Melbourne, Australia. The products were developed to remove the risk of injury through impact or entrapment and to create a safe space to sleep, or to sit. The products also provide increased comfort and a dignified solution.


A fully adjustable profiling bed with electrically controlled side rails. The bed has a unique positioning system, and that combined with a safe bedsleeping environment has a calming effect on the choric movements. Although designed with Huntington’s Disease in mind, the bed is proving successful with other conditions such as ABI, epilepsy, athetoid cerebral palsy and many more.

CGI video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o05w9iyrDBI



The chair has a unique actionchair and design which provides comfort and safety to the client whilst also making repositioning, transfers and feeding more convenient for care support workers. The chair is designed in a way which offers durability of product.

Pressalit Care - Matrix Medium

Pressalit Care will be launching a brand new height adjustable wash basin at the OT Show, it is called Matrix Medium.

Matrix Medium is part of the Matrix range of wash basins. Matrix Medium has a unique design with concealed plumbing to improve hygiene and provide better access underneath the basin for wheelchairs. Matrix Medium has integrated operating buttons for ease of use. The wash basin includes rounded hand grips for a comfortable and secure hold along with an inward curving front edge to assist seated users get in close. 

batyh                                             room

YouTube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6hES_wNfgg


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