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Droplet the Smart hydration reminder reducing the risk of dehydration. It comprises of: A Smart Base, Mug, Tumbler and Flow Control Lid. Droplet® uses personalised messages and flashing lights to encourage people to drink more and to alert HCPs if patients are not drinking regularly .






2A Howard Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots,
PE19 8GA
United Kingdom


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    Droplet - Creating real change in hospitals & care homes

    Dehydration is responsible for thousands of hospital admissions in the UK every year with dehydration thought to be the cause of one in ten GP consultations for tiredness and fatigue.

    In care home and hospital trials Droplet increased daily fluid levels by more than 60%, equivalent to over ½ litre more each day. The benefits of this were two-fold – it improved the health & wellbeing of patients & residents but it also supported carers in understanding the hydration levels of those in their care.

    Developed in partnership with over 100 Healthcare Professionals and supported by NHS England, Droplet features soft flashing lights and gentle voice messages that remind the user to take a drink. You can also record your own comforting messages – providing a reassuring and familiar voice for loved ones when you can’t be there.

    With a contemporary design that mimics the familiarity of the cups and mugs we use at home, Droplet provides a dignified and supportive way to hydrate that puts the control back into the user’s hands.


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