31 Oct 2023

Raizer M Lifting Chair

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  • Raizer M Lifting Chair
  • Raizer M Lifting Chair
  • Raizer M Lifting Chair
Raizer M Lifting Chair Raizer M Lifting Chair Raizer M Lifting Chair

Ideal for elderly/disabled individuals or simply for those prone to falls at home, the Raizer M is an assistive lifting device designed for floor recovery in domestic and care home environments. It provides safety and peace of mind for those living in their own home but at risk of falls.

The Raizer M Manual emergency lifting chair is for sale in the UK for a lower price than the all- electric Raizer 2 emergency lifting chair. This original lift chair design of the Raizer M Manual is also for sale at a reduced price for those who quality for UK VAT relief.

In the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury-related hospital admissions for people aged 65 and over in the UK and spending long periods lying down after a fall can increase the risk of further health complications.

The Raizer M reduces the risk of long lie can also aid in improving initial response times and reducing the risk of long lies which enhances the outcomes of those who fall. It works best when responding to non-injurious falls for reduced mobility and low strength users.

Our work with Yorkshire Ambulance Service has seen the Raizer lifting chair used as lifting equipment for care homes to respond to falls faster and relieve system pressures.

How does the Raizer M Emergency Lifting Chair Work?

The Raizer M is operated with a crank. However, there is still no physical lifting! Designed for falls response at home or in care environments, it is a more affordable lifting aid for fall assistance. Its manual operation means it never need charging and is always ready to use!

Consists of eight parts:

  • 1 main seat unit
  • 1 crank handle
  • 2 identical backrest pieces
  • 4 identical leg pieces

To use, simply slot each of the backrest and leg pieces into the seat unit.

These click into place, so you know each piece is correctly assembled.  You can then use the crank to gently begin lifting the Raizer M into a typical chair position.

The Raizer M Manual Emergency Lifting Chair is £1955 with VAT exemption or £2346 without VAT relief. For this price, you receive Raizer lifting chair itself, lap belt, carry bag & seat cover.

Buy The Raizer M with VAT Relief:

Private individuals and charities purchasing on behalf of private individuals can buy the Raizer M with £0 VAT if all conditions are met (see zero VAT criteria).

What Is The Maximum User Weight?

The total lifting capacity of the Raizer M Manual Emergency Lifting Chair (Safe Working Load) is 150kg (23.5 stone)

Express Next Day Delivery of Your Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

At vivid.care, we know that our products are often needed expeditiously, we work with speed and efficiency to ensure that your care product is with you as quickly as possible.

Simply place your order and buy the Raizer emergency lifting chair before 4pm and we will ensure that it is delivered within 24 hours.

Meet Falls Response Goals

The Raizer lifting chair can help Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) provide support to community-based falls response teams and meet their goals of improved system efficiency goals as identified in NHS England guidance. This swift community-based falls response allows ambulance focus to be directed to where it is needed most.

This manual lifting aid will quickly pick up fallen people up from the floor and a single carer can safely return a low strength or low mobility person back to their feet. Lifting a person from the floor takes under 5 minutes with the Raizer Manual lift chair.

Fall assistance can be safely provided in the comfort of their home without the risk of moving and handling injuries possible from traditional lifting techniques. Plus, this lifting aid removes the need to call an ambulance or take an unnecessary trip to the hospital emergency room for a non-injurious fall.


Watch the Raizer M in action: https://youtu.be/RXbHHCk13sY


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