30 Oct 2023

Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair

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  • Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair
  • Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair
  • Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair
Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair Lento Mobile Rise Recliner Chair

The Lento Mobile is a portable recliner chair with wheels designed to support reduced mobility and complex disability care.

• Portable disability recliner with wheels

• Adjustable: Height, width & depth

• Electric tilt in space & vertical rise

• Footrest and backrest move independently

• Rapid UK delivery from large stock

• Built in removable pressure relief cushion (Medium Risk: Gel)

This adjustable medical recliner supports people up to 149 kg (23.5 Stone).


Portable Mobility Recliner with Wheels:

The Lento Mobile is our unique answer to existing issues that carers had with portable disability recliner chairs.

This disability management recliner is designed for maximum portability around a hospital or a care/nursing home facility.

  • The Lento Mobile has a slim profile for great manoeuvrability
  • Even with the durable & lockable wheels, this disability recliner is less than 70 cm wide.

This compact recliner is ideal for portering indoors and allows a seated person to be taken into other rooms for treatment or to socialise.


Built for Carers:

We worked with active healthcare professionals to make sure we created a mobility recliner that solved existing problems experienced by carers of low mobility & disabled patients.

The portable Lento Mobile is a patient recliner features an angle adjustable push handle that a carer or loved one can use to push the wheeled chair.

  • Optimal patient comfort during rehabilitation process
  • Postural support for correct spinal alignment
  • Angle adjustable push handle

Nursing and care staff at Manchester Royal Infirmary were consulted at various stages in the development process which ended with us created a medical disability recliner that is ideal for care environments with multiple users.


Meet Infection Control Standards:

Infection control features are built into this disability management recliner. When creating this recliner, healthcare staff and occupational therapists made it clear to us that infection control is top of their mind when choosing patient mobility seating.

  • Flat, wipe down surfaces
  • Magnetic fastenings
  • Removable cushions & backrest

Magnetic fastenings have been used on this patient rehabilitation recliner instead of Velcro fastening to better adhere to infection control standards in hospitals and other multi-user care facilities.

The removable cushions and backrests all allow for easy cleaning with an agent of your choice.


Adjustable for Multiple Users

The Lento Mobile is an adjustable disability recliner designed to fit multiple users. Ideal for multi-user care facilities like nursing/care homes.

You can adjust the seating are without tools to find the right width x depth x height measurements needed to properly care for a disabled patient/loved one or someone with reduced mobility.

Interchangeable backrests allows a carer or a loved one to choose the right level of support for the seated patient. A standard waterfall backrest comes with the Lento disability recliner.

A Visco foam pressure reliving cushion is installed into the seating area as standard, but like other parts of this widely adjustable recliner chair, the foam cushion can be removed and replaced with a pressure relief cushion for a patient at higher risk of injuries/sores.


Comfort Recliner for Your Home

Packed with features designed to care for elderly and low mobility users, there is a wired electric handset that controls the range of movements.

  • Tilt in space
  • Backrest recline
  • Vertical rise (lift up chair feature)
  • Independent back angle movements

Watch the product video here: https://youtu.be/UsSO2l8svxA

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