30 Oct 2023

Lento Care Chair

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  • Lento Care Chair
  • Lento Care Chair
  • Lento Care Chair
Lento Care Chair Lento Care Chair Lento Care Chair

Fully adjustable to fit about 80% of the population, the Lento care chair has been built through collaboration and years of specialist seating experience. Available with or without an assessment.

Max weight: 158kg (25 stone)


Adjustable & Supportive Specialist Seating

The versatile Lento Care Chair was created to be a widely adjustable and supportive patient chair that can support a range of complex needs & mobility of anyone over 5ft 2 (1.6m) and under 25 stone (158kg).

At home in hospital environments or as a nursing home or care home chair, the flexible Lento is a widely adjustable chair for elderly, disabled & low mobility patient care built for a variety of healthcare settings.

Hospital-ready, it sits on strong castors that allow this patient care chair to be wheeled throughout a healthcare facility and boasts a wide variety of built-in features, including removable armrests for easier hoisting and patient transfers.

With breatheable and soft Dartex on all skin contact areas and an integrated pressure care cushion, this widely adjustable chair is ideal for multi user environments and features an easy-to-use depth and width adjustment and height adjustable arms.

The ‘Lento’ care chair is a versatile solution for elderly, disabled & hoisted patients designed and crafted by the Vivid.Care specialist seating team with mobility impaired healthcare management in mind.


Adjustable Chair for Safe Elderly & Disabled Patient Care 

The Lento was designed to be comfortable and supportive seating solution for elderly & disabled care. This chair is specifically designed with the needs of seniors and mobility-impaired individuals in mind. With its easy-to-use features and customisable support, the Lento is the perfect addition to any home or care facility.

There are no tools or additional parts required to adjust the chair sizing and the Lento Care Chair includes a removable seat and detachable wings to give more flexibility in the way of customised support.

Created as a widely adjustable and comfortable seating solution for elderly or low mobility users, the Lento Care Chair is designed for easy depth and width adjustment, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your body type.

This feature is especially important for low mobility patients or those with pressure ulcer and skin breakdown concerns.


Versatile Medical Chair for Community & Home Care

One of the standout features of the supportive Lento patient therapy chair is its re-articulating leg-rest and angle-adjustable footplate. This allows you to easily find the most comfortable position for your legs, reducing pressure and ensuring optimal blood flow.

Plus, the locking tilt-in-space function enables you to sit and sleep comfortably and safely, reducing pressure risk and promoting better overall health.

This orthopaedic chair is designed to support elderly and low mobility people during their recovery process and features easy depth & width adjustment, as well as several other adjustable features that make the chair completely customisable to many users.

The Lento chair is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a comfortable and supportive seating option. Its easy-to-use features, adjustable support options, and advanced functionality make it the ideal choice for the care of elderly, disabled and low mobility individuals.

With removable armrests for easier side transfers and hoisting for healthcare staff, this hospital ready patient armchair also features a locking tilt-in-space function that enables sitting and sleeping comfortably and safety whilst reducing pressure risk.

The adjustable Lento mobility medical care chair is ideal for multi-user nursing home environments or NHS loan stores, and it’s equally at home in a domestic setting.


Recliner & Tilt In Space Chair For Elderly & Low Mobility Care

Featuring a range of movements that increase comfort and redistribute pressure, the Lento adjustable home care chair is a tilt in space chair that also features an independent backrest recline that works like a standard riser recliner chair.

A tilting chair for elderly or disabled care can help the seated person to maintain the correct posture while being tilted so pressure is distributed evenly across the body.

For low mobility or elderly users, this tilting chair style reduces skin shearing, breakdown and lessens the chances of pressure injuries developing, even when sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Featuring an independent backrest recline that works like a standard riser recliner chair


Watch the product video here: https://youtu.be/wonQP4Uva9w


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