Universal accessory for a lifetime of changing needs

04 Sep 2021

Universal accessory for a lifetime of changing needs

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Universal accessory for a lifetime of changing needs
The Universal Back and S-Max stairclimber gives a "cradle to grave" solution to dealing with stairs
AAT- the stairclimber people- have simplified specification of equipment to support a client’s transfer between levels, for the long term.

The Universal Back accessory for the company’s market-leading S-Max range of stairclimbers has the adjustability to fully support the client, whether a child or adult, even if they have asymmetry. Thus, the one addition can be used with one client throughout their life, optimising best value: all that is required is occasional review and, where appropriate, adjustment to accommodate a change in the client’s physique or condition.

It also simplifies support for other clients in the future: when no longer needed, the Universal Back and its S-Max can be returned to stores and re-issued. 

The infinite variation of the Back gives the Occupational Therapist the confidence that the equipment has the flexibility to accommodate its new user. It also means a solution can be delivered expediently: as the stairclimber unit is not physically fixed to the building fabric, it provides a quick answer to addressing a client’s deterioration in mobility, with no need to physically adapt the structure of the home (move a bed downstairs etc). When no longer needed, there is none of the cost and disruption of ‘making good’. 

AAT’s Universal Back is mechanically fixed to the stairclimber. Adjustable height and width supports provide stability and security for the passenger even if they have asymmetry. Optional head support, chest harness, posture cushions(*) and thigh supports enable precise specification if needed, without impingement on the ability of the S-Max to be operated.

AAT’s Class 1 Medical device certified S-Max is easy to operate, even by a petite care-giver moving an obese adult. The care-giver has complete control over the speed of climb or descent, and can even pause in mid-transfer if necessary. A high centre of gravity delivers a feeling a security for the operator. Lightness of weight makes it easy to handle and manouevre. The battery pack can power up to 300 steps/charge and is easy to remove and recharge. When not in use, the stairclimber folds compactly away.

“Our stairclimbers are increasingly being considered as the first choice for enabling a client to be transferred up and down stairs,” explains Peter Wingrave, AAT Director. Unlike alternative, fixed options, we have a stairclimber that can cope with almost every variation in floor level: whether a couple of steps, a narrow staircase, or turning flight of stairs. The Universal Back adds another reason why a stairclimber is a sound choice: its variability means just one accessory can keep its passenger safe and secure for years, with no effort on the part of the care-giver.”

AAT’s nationwide team of specialists can work alongside the Occupational Therapist and healthcare professional to assess- free of charge- the suitability of an S-Max for the property, the patient, and their carer(s). AAT can manage the whole process, from supply of the equipment, and training of the carer who will operate the climber, ensuring a correct and safe solution.

To arrange a free assessment, contact AAT via LiveChat on the website www.aatgb.com, fill in the form on the website: https://www.aatgb.com/s-max/#section-154-78, email sales@aatgb.com or telephone 01978 821875.


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