The Ultimate Curved Stairlift Unveil

21 Nov 2018

The Ultimate Curved Stairlift Unveil

The Ultimate is Platinum's first single tube curved stairlift and has been developed following the success of our current products; the twin tube Curve and Horizon straight stairlift.


The development of the Ultimate curved stairlift has been an amazing journey for everyone at Platinum. By listening to both our dealer partners and their end users we have captured what was missing from current product offerings and have created a stairlift that addresses these gaps in the market with real unique selling points. The Ultimate is perfect for both our dealer partners and their customers as it provides solutions for previously inaccessible staircases.


We are very excited to share the unique selling points the Ultimate has to offer, we believe these will set the benchmark for the future of stairlifts. We have worked closely with some of our key dealer partners to assist with product development and prove the product. In taking our time we have all seen the unique features do provide real benefits and have case studies to back up our findings. To date we have installed over 1,500 units successfully installed worldwide. We have also attained independent third-party verification by TUV the product fully complies with EN81:40.

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