The Jolly Trolley

25 Oct 2021

The Jolly Trolley

Little Islands Stand: D54
The Jolly Trolley
Our Award Winning ’Jolly Trolley’ is a fantastic FUN way to create festivity in the care home environment encouraging residents to engage in social activities and reminiscence.
The Jolly Trolley is a self-contained, mobile interactive entertainment trolley that brings the benefits of MUSIC, SONG, REMINISCENCE and most of all FUN to everyone in a care home environment.

• Pre- programmed themes include all the above and much much more


• Easily add your own playlists, slideshows, images and videos and join our Facebook ‘Jolly Trolley Buddies’ to share ideas throughout the country and raise funds for your own home


• It enlivens, stimulates and energises, reducing apathy, encouraging interest and contributing to the wellbeing of the residents


• Have fun dressing the Jolly Trolley into whatever theme you wish, then press the appropriate program on the screen - then enjoy!


• Uses the latest touch screen technology and incorporates sensory lights, vision and music including a built in echo karaoke machine and microphone


• Make individual playlists and pictures for your residents offering a way of musically capturing all the songs or pieces of music that make up the soundtrack to their life - CQC love this!


• Saves costs by reducing dependence on outside entertainers
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