CJ Medical Safer Patient Handling

21 Sep 2021

CJ Medical Safer Patient Handling

CJ Medical Stand: H56
CJ Medical Safer Patient Handling
Patient Caregiver Journey
CJ Medical Safer Patient Handling Range

SPECIALIST SURGICAL AND MEDICAL INNOVATIONS - CJ Medical is committed to facilitating and promoting Innovative technologies supported by education. 

The Original Patient Flat Lift Kit is the most Efficient and Safest Method for Recovering Fallen Patients from Floor Level with a Suspected Spinal or Pelvic Injury or Post-Resuscitation Events

As the prevalence of falls remains for patients, staff and visitors, hospitals require fall recovery solutions that are safe for both the fallen patient and staff. The manner in which patients are recovered from falls is critical to reducing the risk of future harm. Additionally, staff are often challenged with working in tight spaces that require awkward postures, increasing their risk of injury.

Our Safer Patient Handling Range includes:

Original CJ Medical Hovermatt for Safer Patient Handling

Original Patient Flat Lift Kit Now with Battery Powered Options

Original Hovermatt for Lateral Transfer

Original Variable Speed Air Supply

Original Service and Repairs for all Hovertech & FLK equipment

New Multifunctional Storage Carts and Cover

New Hovermatt and Sling Combination Product

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