Covid-19 Safety Measures

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Safety first, always

We at the Occupational Therapy Show view our role as pretty simple: to help contribute to the well being, development and advancement of the therapy community. We are looking forward to reuniting the occupational therapy community but understand that this year bringing people together needs to be looked at with a different perspective. It has always implicit but it feels like now more than ever, we need to let you know: your safety is our number one priority. 

This has always been the most basic element of our role, so you can rest assured we are well qualified. We are going above and beyond the appropriate actions to ensure your event experience is smooth and safe. Our Event Director and team are constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation, and evolving plans to align with the latest government guidance. All delegates, speakers and exhibitors will be updated regularly with everything they need to know.

The thing we love most about the care community is that everyone does their bit to help. So we know that our visitors and staff will abide by our safety regulations for the Occupational Therapy Show 2021, so we can all enjoy meeting face-to-face again. 

We have been working closely with our partner venue the NEC, Birmingham (NEC Guidelines) and to the latest government guidance (All Secure Guidelines) on managing the risk of COVID-19. These guidelines are used as a framework for all the measures we’ll be implementing to help keep everyone’s experience as safe as possible.

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Entry Control

Your health & safety is our biggest priority. In line with latest government guidance, all attendees of Occupational Therapy Show will need to verify attendee COVID-19 status on arrival at the event. To gain access to the event, you will need to demonstrate one of the following:

  • Proof of completion of a full course of vaccination two weeks prior to arrival. 
  • Proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test result taken within 48hrs of arrival. 
  • Proof of natural immunity shown by a positive PCR test result for COVID-19, lasting for 180 days from the date of the positive test and following completion of the self-isolation period.
  • Your NHS excemption certificate.

We ask all attendees to bring with them (either on their phone or as a printed copy) a copy of their NHS COVID Pass valid on the day of event entry with some form of ID. This takes literally 2 minutes to do.

You can get an NHS COVID Pass, obtained most easily via the NHS App, if you have been double vaccinated 14 days prior to the event or you have a negative LTF or PCR test within 48 hours of creating the pass. You can find more information on the NHS COVID Pass for events here.

This will be checked each day on arrival, and you will be given a coloured wristband confirming you have been checked this will allow you to freely roam around the show.


Please make sure that you inform yourself of all travel guidance around traveling in and out of England.

There are guidelines in place that you must oblige to.

Find out more by clicking here.


Please make sure you register and download your badge before attending the event. You will have the chance to register onsite, however there might be queues so we encourage you to book your pass in advance. Details may be used for contact tracing if necessary.


Knowing what you are going to do and where to go will contribute to your safe and productive attendance. Download our app, conference progamme and use our planning tools to structure your day.  Plan how to get to and from the venue by checking any relevant travel advice or restrictions.


If you feel unwell and have any of the Covid-19 related symptoms, please refrain from attending the event. Ensure that you are in good health and are fit to attend the  Occupational Therapy Show before traveling to the venue. 


Wearing a mask at the event won't be mandatory, however we encourage attendees and visitors to consider wearing masks, in enclosed or crowded spaces such as our conference theatres. We also reserve the right to require masks in certain areas of the show if required. If you require a mask please speak to a member of staff.


Hand sanitiser are available throughout the NEC. Please continue to follow guidance and wash your hands frequently.


Please be mindful of individuals personal space, everyone will have their own unique levels of comfort as we return to events. Please give people space when you are walking past them and check before initiating personal contact (consider elbow bumps rather than handshakes or hugs). 


We will maintain the highest standards of cleaning before, during and after the event, including frequent cleaning of all high touch points.

We will send detailed instructions to all registered exhibitor passes (and delegates) in the run-up to the show by way of reminder.

Should you have any concerns or require assistance with your visit, please email

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