The Power of Movement


The Power of Movement

24 Nov 2022
Showcase Theatre

There is a clear connection between mobility and people’s physical and mental well-being.

Empowering movement can improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

People are made to move. Satisfying this fundamental need throughout the care process not only promotes the healing, dignity and independence of patients, but also the confidence and overall well-being of health and social care professionals.

Our aim is to empower movement within care environments. This practical workshop will consider solutions regarding early risk assessment and targeted moving and handling interventions to preventing immobility-acquired conditions, improve quality of care, life and mobility and eliminate work related injuries.


Objectives for the Session

For each attendee to understand how early assessment, effective repositioning and early mobilisation can support improved outcomes.

You will learn about:

• Understand why early risk assessment is important and the key risk factors to consider

• Be able to identify practical solutions on how empowering movement through targeted moving and handling interventions 

Simon Saulis, Senior Product Sales Manager - Arjo UKI
Mary Muir, National Clinical Consultancy Manager - Arjo UKI

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