Safety beds – At what cost?


Safety beds – At what cost?

24 Nov 2022
HKD Solutions Ltd. - On Stand Education - Stand A41

The presentation will focus on why sleep is accepted as an occupation and why better quality and longer duration of sleep can increase the well-being of not only an individual but their greater influence in the community.

A focus will be on what happens when a safety bed isn’t chosen due to misunderstandings, lack of funding, etc. We’ll also detail the cost-effectiveness of safety beds and what that could mean for the larger fiscal picture.

Different safe sleeping solutions will be discussed and key issues such as restraint and the legislation around it.

Proven solutions will be demonstrated for both children and adults.


Learning Outcomes:

1.) To learn why sleep is considered an occupation vital to the well-being of an individual and to learn about different safety beds and their effect not only on the user but their family / carers, too.

2.) Learn about a proven safety bed which has a 95+% success rate for helping individuals get to sleep faster, stay asleep for longer and most often right through the night.  This is also the only safety bed in the world with its own air cooling system.

3.) Discussion around risk and safety implications when using safety beds vs making a room safe, what can happen when best practice isn’t adhered to, and how to minimise risk and liability with a proven risk assessment form (can be provided).

4.) How to work out the cost of a safety bed for best value, versatility and recyclability.

Heather Ling, Managing Director - HKD SOLUTIONS LTD

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