Neuro-Rehabilitation of brain tumour patients


Neuro-Rehabilitation of brain tumour patients

23 Nov 2022
Theatre 3

Across the Uk there is a good provision of neurorehabilition services, however there is variation whether people are able to access these services. This presentation will look at the important facilitators & barriers that exist. We will discuss how to design a service which will ensure appropriate assessments take place

Learning points:

  • Delegates will be able to look at the benefits and harms of referrals
  • Delegates will learn of the cost effectiveness and resource use when dealing with brain tumour patients
  • Delegated will look at how misunderstanding amongst some clinicians that neuro-rehabilitation should only be used at the end of treatment and should be reviewed to be commenced at the beginning of the treatment instead.
Lorcan Butler, Optical Engagement Manager - The Brain Tumour Charity

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