27-28 NOVEMBER 2024


Social Prescribing - a whole system opportunity

23 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre

Social Prescribing has grown from a social movement to National Policy at breakneck speed. NHS England now funds over 3500 Social Prescribing Link Workers through a General Practice delivery model. How though, does this model embrace asset and strength based approaches in supporting people and how are we engaging our local communities in building resilience through this salutogenic opportunity? This presentation explores the journey so far, the challenges and opportunities ahead and the need to examine modelling of social prescribing in communities if it is to be embedded and sustainable but most of all support population wide culture and behaviour change.

  • - To understand the recent history of the development of social prescribing
  • - To understand the key theories that underpin social prescribing
  • - To appreciate a range of challenges and opportunities affecting the success and sustainability of social prescribing
  • - To be aware of the impact of health and community structures on social prescribing modelling and its future sustainability
Sian Brand, Chair - Social Prescribing Network

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