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Why mobility is at the core of everything we do

22 Nov 2023
Showcase Theatre

Introduce the Arjo Positive Eight philosophy [i] ,defining the potential positive effects arising from maintaining or improving a person’s functional mobility, presenting the benefits for the resident and the caregiver. Highlight the importance of ensuring that the three central tenets of the Positive Eight philosophy, environment, care skills and equipment are in place to support person-centered care, workflow efficiencies and caregiver safety.

Present practical applications on how functional mobility can reduce the incidences of functional incontinence[ii], which is the most common type of urinary incontinence in nursing homes. Assessment and management of incontinence in long-term care facilities is an important issue given its prevalence and association with poor self-rated health[iii], decreased quality of life[iv], increased costs[v], healthcare acquired conditions and morbidity. 

The objective of the workshop is to promote quality of care for the resident as well as the quality of work for the caregiver.


Learning objectives:

  • Identify the correct equipment for the functional mobility level of the resident
  • Demonstrate appropriate care skills to promote resident continence and minimise caregiver injury
  • Reduce moments of friction between the resident and the caregiver’s


  • Understand the use and benefits of the Mobility Gallery communication tool and the Positive Eight philosophy to promote resident mobility and reduce physical overload on the caregiver.
  • Identify the benefits for the resident through using the correct equipment
  • Minimise caregiver injury through appropriate repositioning and transfer activities, using the correct equipment as required.


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[v] NHS England (2018) Excellent in Continence Care Last accessed July 2023

Simon Saulis, National Project Sales Manager - Arjo UKI
Mary Muir, National Clinical Consulting Manager - Arjo UKI

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