27-28 NOVEMBER 2024


Measuring Occupational Performance Outcomes in Rehabilitation

22 Nov 2023
Theatre 3

This presentation seeks to provide information on the use and benefits of the MODAPTS tool in occupational therapy practice and the added value MODAPTS can bring to measuring occupational performance outcomes in OT rehabilitation programmes. This is particularly evident in scientifically measuring progress towards agreed rehab goals, measuring productivity of rehabilitation clients against productivity of uninjured workers, and designing the most efficient and safe work / occupational practices. MODAPTS is a productivity system originally developed by an Australian industrial engineer. It was used extensively by occupational therapists internationally due to the perfect fit with OTs core skills of activity analysis and graded activity rehabilitation programmes.


The presenters will outline the basic principles of the system and its use with case studies.  

  • To understand the added value of assessing productivity as part of occupational activity analysis and rehabilitation.
  • To understand the value of occupational science principles in OT practice.
  • To understand the benefits of clearly measured productivity outcomes for the persons served, rehabilitation expenditure and research purposes.

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