27-28 NOVEMBER 2024


Healthcare and sustainability: what is our role?

23 Nov 2023
Theatre 3

The World Health Organisation says that the climate crisis is the biggest health crisis facing our world today. We know that there is poor air quality throughout the UK which is a huge cause of premature birth, respiratory and heart problems, dementia and mental health problems. What does that mean for us practically and what can we, and should we, do about it? Using examples of problem solving this session hopes to provide practical tips to work in a more sustainable way that works for you as well as the planet.

  • A broad understanding of the links between climate and healthcare issues, some problems and some solutions. Ways to save money and provide better quality healthcare, changes which we can easily make and longer term plans. A vision for a healthier greener world!
Jacqueline Gordon, Clinical Fellow in Sustainability - Great Ormond Street Hospital/Sussex NHS ICB

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