OT Show

21st - 22nd 
November 2018 
NEC Birmingham


This unique event offers OTs a conference programme with over 70 hours of CPD-accredited content spread over two days. Packed with new ideas and inspiration, The Occupational Therapy Show places specially built conference theatres on the exhibition floor, putting your potential audience right in front of YOU.

Dont just take our word for it, read what our 2016 delegates and exhibitors have to say...


Helen Purdy, Occupational Therapist, HPD Occupational Therapy Ltd
I work with complex service users and we have access to funding to get specialist equipment. Mainly for us we are here to look at all the different types of equipment that’s out there and broaden our horizons and there really is a lot here!

Rachel Hardy, Case Manager, Kent County Council
We are attending for our professional development and CPD. I am thoroughly interested in any new research or knowledge around autism and I’ve just attending a fantastic interactive workshop about autism. I’m finding it very useful, we attended last year also and have both years we have gained valuable resources.   

Derva Deltodesco, Team Lead Occupational Therapist, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust
I wanted to see the new technologies that are out there in the market and to gather information. It has been really good, much bigger than expected and a lot more content available. The talk surrounding children with eating disorders brought me here as I am extremely interested in this topic.  Overall, it’s been great!

Laisa Gregorio, Occupational Therapist, Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust
There are a lot of interesting topics here which are relevant to what we are working on, dementia, pressure relief and manual handling. We are looking forward to the talks on manual handling with patients with dementia this afternoon. So far it has been great! This is our first time here and we have seen a lot of names in terms of exhibitors we wish to see!

Kathryn Dixon, Consultant Occupational Therapist, Nable Services
This is the main show for OT’s to come to in the year! There is such a wide range of exhibitors, so much information and the seminars are amazing. Everyone has to be responsible for their own continued professional development and this an ideal opportunity to come and get trained up in lots of different areas. I came last year and I am definitely coming again

Jessic Manir, Occupational Therapist, North East London Foundation NHS Trust
I’m a private OT and doing some Locum work. The CPD opportunities are what brought me here as there is a great deal available. I also work with older people and am looking at chairs, slings and bed systems for my clients.

Sarah Gallagher, Occupational Therapist, NHS
Working in mental health means it’s difficult to find events that have enough info for it, and here it does. We are here for the sensory talk, as working in sensory assesments makes it vital to hear the latest information. It’s extremely useful being here!

Andrea Craddock, Occupational Therapist, Walsall CAMHS
It's great being able to catch up with familiar faces here and network with new contacts.  We are looking forward to meeting the sensory intergration network here, which is what I am most interested in. There are so many opportunities and future contacts around us.

Laura Fasan, Occupational Therapist, L’Arche Brecon
It’s vital to stay updated and keep up with my CPD, and being here allows me to do this. It’s very useful and interesting! Hearing about personal experiences in the seminars and how they are overcome is very useful to me.

Rachel Murphy, Occupational Therapist, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
As I work in a very specialised area, it’s very important to see what’s out there. I have got some much inspiration from other clinical areas and best of all its free! Being able to get your CPD in one place is ideal.  This is the third time I have been to the OT show and it has been useful yet again.

Christina Begley
There is such a variety of exhibitors here we can learn from and use for our future practice. I have a very interesting talk with the Calbert Trust, as they have a lot of outdoor opportunities for OT’s to do something different.  I have found this extremely useful! There is so much choice for presentations and it is a great day out!


Stuart Baille, National Sales Manager, Invacare
We’ve expanded our stand by 3 times from last year - the show has great potential. We’ve enjoyed the show there are a wide variety of delegates attending. . Our stand has been very busy, we do exhibit at other shows but this is our premier one. It’s a professional show and the audience is very relevant to what we have to offer – were getting the right people visiting our stand. It’s been very worthwhile and we still have a day and a half to go.

Ashley Bath, Marketing Lead, AKW
As usual The Occupational Therapy Show has been fantastic for AKW. We have thoroughly enjoyed being the main sponsors of the show. It’s been absolutely brilliant, we have had great foot fall and were extremely happy. This show is the largest show in its field – no others compare. It’s very busy, there are other shows out there but this is definitely our favourite.

Cambridge Healthcare Supplies
It’s a great opportunity to meet OTs, it’s a great way to interact with them and teach them about our products and it’s been really successful. It’s our first year exhibiting and we’ve been flat out busy which has been great to see. We’ve gained quality contacts, it’s great that they can try the product even if they don’t buy right now they can take information away and potentially order in the future. We’ll be back again next year!

Claire Shergold, Marketing Manager, Handicare
The amount of OTs and the target market that is at this show is perfect for the products and services we offer. We offer educational programs, and OTs are extremely interested in hands on workshops and education – there are lots of those here. It’s the right market, we’ve been busy, the delegates are of high quality...we look forward to being here next year!

Krsiti Oxborough, Sales and Marketing Officer, JCM Seating 
Being able to interact face-to-face with OTs that are potential customers is great. We have new products out and it’s been great to get them out there. We’ve been extremely busy with people interested in training. Fundamentally we work with OTs out in the field, it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase on the stand but also get people booked in for assessments. We have already booked our stand for next year! The target audience here is perfect for us.

Marty Brookes, Langham
When we design and manufacture we get a lot of feedback from OTs to make sure it’s what they are looking for. Our products are extremely OT orientated. So for us, OTs are vital for our business, we offer training for delegates on the stand which counts towards their CPD. Yesterday was so busy, which was absolutely brilliant. I must have seen over 200 OTs yesterday, It’s also been good to see familiar faces from over the years come and see our new products. For Langham in particular The Occupational Therapy Show has been absolutely perfect.

Kim Parry, Smirthweight
It’s a growing show, we came last year and its getting bigger and better for us every year as exhibitors. It has surpassed other shows and it attracts our key audience that we are trying to reach. There has been a constant influx of delegates coming to our stand. They are eager to visit our stand as they exit the theatre which is great.  It works really well. We have gained a lot of leads and we are collecting valuable information all the time. It’s very worthwhile attending. We have stopped exhibiting at other conferences because the audiences weren’t relevant... the delegates we are seeing here at The Occupational Therapy Show are our perfect target audience. We have learnt lots too so it’s good for both delegates and exhibitors.

Amanda Jenkins, Manager, Silvalea Ltd
A lot of our product innovations has come through talking to our industry community who are OTs. We are launching a new product at the show and we wanted to do that at this show because OTs are our biggest advocates. We wanted our OTs to see it before everybody else because their feedback is vital for us and it’s because of this feedback that we’ve been so successful. It has been incredibly busy and we’ve had amazing feedback so were really pleased.

Our target audience is OTs, so as exhibitors this is the conference we focus on, on a year-to-year basis. We get to see lots of OTs from across the country and it gives us the opportunity to tell them why our product would be useful for them. We’ve been inundated with delegates at our stand. We have brought 6 staff with us and we could have done with bringing more which has been extremely promising. We have already booked for next year! We used to exhibit at other conferences but we now only exhibit at the OT show because we feel other shows have lost focus. The Occupational Therapy Show is aimed at the target audience we need so it has the focus we want.

N & C
We attend to expose our products to the OTs. Especially trying to develop our business for sympathetic adaptations done in the private sector. We have been very busy lots of OTs coming to the stand. I’ve spoken with lots of decision makers which is good for us as they seemed interested in the products. We will be taking away lots of new contacts from OTs that we didn’t have from attending the event. Were pleased and have re-booked for next year with a bigger stand.

Garry Chapman, National Account Manager, Sidhil Ltd
The foot-fall has been fantastic, the audience is our target market. We have attended shows in the past that haven’t been as relevant for us but The Occupational Therapy show fits us perfectly. We have achieved our objective by coming here and got lots of good leads and had meetings with clients that we have been trying to see for some time plus gained new business as well.

Martin Reid, Assistant Director in Communications & Marketing, College of Occupational Therapists
We exhibit here to recruit new members to join the college of occupational therapists and to engage with our current members. It’s a great opportunity to come and talk to college staff on a face to face basis and answer their queries and we hopefully give them the answers they are looking for. It’s been busy and we’ve had a cross section of people joining so it’s been very worthwhile.

Martyn Davis, Manual Product Specialist UK & Fire, Sunrise Medical
Overall it’s been very good. The footfall has been excellent. The OTs we have seen have been focused and keen and the feedback has been fabulous. I have attended the past few years but this year has been a real stand out.

Adam Vickers, Managing Director, Cura Seating 
We are exhibiting here to promote our products to OTs and build a good database and find the right OTs for the right areas. It’s been a fantastic experience this year, a great amount of quality delegates. We have had lots of leads and we are very happy.

If you want to know more about participating at The Occupational Therapy Show, please contact: Panayiota Sofokli on  +44 (0)207 348 4909 or email theotshow@closerstillmedia.com



  • Joanne Fillingham

    Joanne Fillingham

    Clinical Director Allied Health Professions and Deputy Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS Improvement
  • Amy Gilder

    Amy Gilder

    Neurological Specialist Occupational Therapist, Hobbs Rehabilitation
  • Michael Iwama

    Michael Iwama

    Professor & Chair, Occupational Therapy, Augusta University
  • Gillian Leng

    Gillian Leng

    Deputy Chief Executive, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  • Diana Pierags

    Diana Pierags

    Highly Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust (London)
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